How to Cope With Latest Trends With Agile Web Development?

A decade back, there was a time when web applications were being used for sharing information on internet and web presence was a matter of status. But now time has changed. Today web presence is something that is must for any organization and web sites are rather a kind of online software. They are one of the easiest and finest medium to communicate with customers and business prospects. Digital marketing and online brand building are the activities of high focus for any business. In short, when digital world has got high influence on success of real life, importance of interactive cannot be underestimated.

As web sites have changed their context, processes like web designing and web development have also changed their way of working. Rich Internet Applications and Agile Web Applications are the prevalent concepts in which websites are used for selling the products or services, interacting with clients and customers, promoting the business and streamlining the processes. Following are the basic requirements of modern web sites:

Agile web development can cope very smartly with these requirements. In fact, it is well known process for being cheaper, faster, and quicker to respond to changing market demands. Very modern Web 2.0 applications are one of the examples of agile web development where we can observe frequent updates as well as the new functionalities can be added at a quick pace. The changes to code as feature sets are enhanced in such development. Agile development fits with requirements of almost each industry regardless of its size and complexities. Traditional application development process known as waterfall process pass through phases of conception, initiation, analysis, design, development and testing. Agile methods can deliver same or better level of perfection along with fast delivery.

Though agile development is a popular trend, there are certain points need to be taken care of by developers. For example, when the initial requirement and specifications are ready, developers start working on it. Organization may need inbuilt functionalities like CMS for their website. But ultimately, it is a website and should not lose the beauty and flow of a website. Many examples like this can be considered based on particular case. Actually; the adoption of the agile methodology is context-sensitive and success of development is depended on the individual tech team. To fetch the maximum advantage of agile technologies, it is crucial to find out capable web development service provider.

Softweb Solutions, being a well known agile web development company have the well trained team of developers who know the in and outs of each technology. For Softweb Solutions, development is not just a project or process but it is a passion to deliver the best results. Drop a mail to info@ and find out how it works.

Five Steps of Choosing Right WordPress Development Company

It is the world of online branding, all business organizations whether veteran or newbie are marking their strong and easily recognizable presence over internet. In this new phase of internet, business organizations cannot ignore the high potential of online branding. It has now become necessary to have a remarkable presence over internet for being in the leading position of their business domain. So, stop ignoring the need of having an audience targeted website by downloading WordPress application as a freebie. In order to get assured success in your plan of establishing a vibrating online persona, you should take services of a right WordPress Development company. But finding a right company is still seems like a big trouble, so you can follow below given steps to hire the most suitable developer for your job.

Google your needs: It is your first and foremost step in your quest of hiring an authentic web development company. You need to take help of leading search engine like Google for finding most suitable developers for rendering programming services to you. While searching for targeted results, you will get thousands of web links that should be enlisted in a spread sheet to go further in your search. The new ranking of service provider’s in spread sheet should be in conformity with Google rankings. On completing your enlisting process of top 10 service providers, you can proceed to second step of your searching apt vendor.

Analyze Your WordPress Service Provider: You need to analyze your WordPress service provider over web via visiting their official websites. While surfing their websites, you can compare the technical soundness of their websites at different grounds such as loading speed, visibility, cross browser compatibility, W3C validation, search engine ranking, user friendly WordPress application. In this way, you should also notice your quick reactions towards website just after having the first look of your website. The ranking on these grounds will bring you close to your authentic developers.

Approach Your Chosen Service Provider: After ranking up few developers in your spread sheet, you can approach your chosen service provider to arrange a face to face interaction or video conferencing. In such session of interactions, you will be able to share your vision of contriving a right and real like online organizational persona. It will help you as well as your chosen vendor to understand the basic needs of website development project. In your meeting with developer, you can meet with in-house team of developers and share your vision of your symbolic website. It will also help you to understand the competencies of their in-house staff.

Make It Legal: Having a legal contract is like a boon in this website development industry. You must need to have a legal contract with your website development company. In this way, you also need to put a sum of money as a penalty of project failure. The penalty amount makes both parties serious about project and ensures the successful delivery of your project.

Advantages Of Using Bubble Mailers

This article focuses on the use of bubble mailers, how they occurred, what their advantages are and where you can buy them online.

The Internet is having a tremendous impact on the way we do business, bringing the entire world and all people in it into one big market, where buyers and sellers from different countries meet virtually. In order for the online business to remain successful and maintain the trust of the customers, sellers must make sure their products are shipped in time and without any damage. The shipping can be as important as the quality of the actual product.

According to the definition given by , Bubble Wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. The air bubbles provide the cushioning for fragile items, yet the material as a whole remains very light due to the fact that it’s filled with air. The bubbles vary in size from 6mm in diameter to 25mm or more. There are also self-sealed bubble mailers offering tampering security.

Bubble mailers are used to ship variety of things. Mostly, bubble mailers are used for the packaging of CD’s, DVD’s, cell phones, video games, cosmetics, jewelry, trading cards, hardware & tools, accessories. It should be pointed out that despite the fact that bubble mailers have excellent cushioning capabilities, they don’t have any stacking strength. That’s why, they are not recomended for shipping goods that can be easily crushed.

All bubble mailers are produced using a technology patented by Sealed Air, called ‘Bubble Wrap’. Bubble wrap is a technology designed to keep the air within the bubble. It was invented back in 1957 by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes. Like most other discoveries, this one also happened by accident as the two engineers were trying to create a textured plastic wallpaper.

When Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes realized the potential of their discovery, they went on to patent the technology and created the Sealed Air Corporation 1960. 47 years later, Sealed Air is still the leading company in its industry constantly innovating and providing consumers with improved materials. The bubble mailers from Sealed Air have higher initial thickness and fullness, and provide up to 30% greater protection. This is possible thanks to the new barrier layer introduced by Sealed Air, which is 100 times more resistant to the passage of air than even a thick single layer of polyethylene used by other brands.

Bubble mailers have several strong advantages over other materials for packaging. First of all, they provide better protection using less packaging material in comparison to loose fill or paper. Bubble mailers can be used multiple times and eventually be recycled, which is also an environmental benefit.

There are several main companies selling bubble mailers on the Internet – , and . processes all orders within 24 hours and have 100% money back guarantee. The bubble techonology designed by Sealed Air provides up to 30% greater protection.

Best Photoblog Template For Traffic

Are you someone who loves to take photographs? Do you carry your camera everywhere whether you’re on holiday, on your way to work or walking through the backstreets of your home town? Do you think your photos are pretty good, even though you’ve no intention of becoming a professional photographer? Do you want other people to share your photos? Well they can if you create a photoblog on the internet but what’s the best photoblog template to use.

What is a photoblog, you may ask? Just as it says, it’s a blog which uses photos to communicate with blog visitors, rather than words and obviously, the potential audience is huge, with the whole of the internet at your disposal.

It takes very little time to create a photo blog, so you can easily post your pictures and keep uploading and updating whenever you have the time.. However, you do need traffic if you want people to see them and attracting visitors, other than your friends and family is quite difficult. Here are a few tips for the best photoblog template which will help you to increase the number of visitors to your photoblog

1. Selet specific photoblog software. There are free ones available if you search the internet or use a photoblog plugin for WordPress.

2. Choose from one of the photoblog themes which are readily available. This will give your site a professional look.

3. Choose a platform which has a well organised archive facility, otherwise your older photos will be quite inaccessible.

4. Make sure that your blog has an RSS feed. When you do have visitors to your site, they can subscribe to your RSS feed which will let them know when you post updates, so hopefully they’ll come back.

5. Make sure you post some information about your photos, even if it’s only a caption. Better still you can post technical details about the photos which will be of real interest to other keen photographers.

6. Make sure that comments are enabled so that visitors can ask questions or provide feedback.

7. Join a photoblog networking site. A photoblog network consists of a group of members who share web traffic and site visits among themselves. You can also get your photoblog listed which of itself attracts visitors. It’s simple to join one of these sites; you just need to fill in a form and link to the network from your photoblog and that’s it.

8. Have your photoblog listed at . This directory is often accessed by photography enthusiasts, so will provide you with traffic. If you browse around, you will also be able to visit other people’s photographic blogs, which you will doubtless be interested in.

9. Submit your site to Google and the other major search engines.

10. Submit your site to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and the many others available.

By creating photoblog, you can easily share your photos with the online world if you follow the tips above.

Path to Know What is Google Analytics?

Google provide us a service that can help us to see the statistics of the viewers of the website. The industries of Google web analytics aimed at the marketers, webmaster and technologists. From all of the web statistics services, the Google analytics is the most widely used by the webmasters. The charges of basic service and premium version are free.

The Google web analytics can track the visitors from referrers, including search engines, display advertising, pay per clinic, e-mail marketing and digital collateral like the links within PDF documents.

The system also provides the ideas of adaptive path, whose product, measure ma, and all the things are acquired and redesign by Google analytics. It is now featured with ad-words so that the user can review online campaign tracking the page quality and goals (conversations). It might be include the sales, the lead generation, viewing a specific page or download the specific file. It approaches a dashboard type data for the users and an in-depth data into the report set.

The poorly performing page also is analyzed by the Google analytics with the help of techniques like funnel visualization, from where the visitors come, about the time they stayed on the page and their geographical position. The custom visitor segmentation also provided by it. A user can have a number of profile generally corresponds into a website. It has a limit to have traffic of fewer than the 5 million page viewer per month.

The Google analytics loads a larger java script file from the Google web server, and after that it sets the variables with the user’s account number. In addition to transmitting information to a server it can set the firstly party cookies on the computers of each visitor. The most potential impact on data accuracy comes from user’s deleting or blocking the cookies. Without the cookies being set the Google analytics cannot collect the data. So an individual user can block or delete cookies can resulting in the data loss of those visitors. The owner of the website must be encouraging the users not to disable the existing cookies on the web page.

The most vital limitation of it for large websites is the uses of sampling in the generation of many of its reports. It limits the reports into a randomly sample visits at the profile level for its calculations. Besides that there been so many online discussions about the impact of the analytics of Google on site performance.

How To Make Money Online: 3 Insider Secrets

These days, making money on the internet is easier than ever before. But – there are 3 keys to doing it. If you omit these 3 things – you are destined to fail. Are you ready to learn what they are?

There’s an old saying in the sales business: prospecting and Follow-up will make you rich.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling or how much it costs. If you have a lot of prospects that are interested and you continually follow-up with them, you will get sales. Period.

That is a hard and fast rule that also works on the internet.

Here are the 3 Big Insider Secrets: Traffic, Leads, Follow-up.

In a nushell, if you will do these three things, your online income will soar.

Let’s start with the first one: Traffic.

Many people will argue that this is the only thing you need and you will be successful. Not true. I can give you hundreds of hits a day almost instantly through PPC (pay-per-click), but that doesn’t mean you will make any sales.

Traffic without lead capture just results in casual “just looking” shoppers. What you want is returning traffic. Prospects that have been to your site once and then come back for more.

Another insider secret is that your traffic must “land” on a page that has 1 and only one offer that is targeted to the audience you are seeking. What ever that offer is, it must have value, almost irresistable value, to the prospect. AND, it MUST be free.

To get the offer, the prospect must enter his or her name and email into an autoresponder form so that you can accomplish “insider secret #3” – Follow-up.

Many home pages have dozens of links to all kinds of content. It’s like getting to an intersection in the road with a hundred vague roadsigns. What are they to do? I know! Click the “x” on the upper right hand side. Gone in 8 seconds…

People need a simple choice – sign up for the freebie, the ethical bribe – or not. That’s all. Make it easy. Make it simple.

Once they sign up, you actually have a lead that you can follow-up with.

The follow-up emails that you send to your leads need to be full of valuable, robust content that your audience is interested in. Nothing thin or timewasting. In other words – Real Good Stuff.

Again, this content should be free as well.

After you have sent your lead 3 or 4 emails over a 2 week period, then and only then would you want to make an offer to them.

The follow-up period is kind of like dating. These leads don’t know you from Adam. They are “getting to know” you. The tone of your emails and the content you give them will determine the outcome of any future offers you make to them. The emails should be carefully crafted and well thought out.

Be careful what you say and how you say it. Get others to read your emails before you put them into your autoresponder. Make sure the content you offer is worthwhile.

Once you have a string of 30 to 50 follow-up emails saved into your autoresponder, AND have your “landing page” set up, it’s time to start getting some traffic.

The very first thing to try is Pay per Click advertising.

While it can be expensive, it is the very fastest way to test your landing page and your email follow-up program.

Once you have data from an inital 2 or 4 day test, then you can tweak and optimize things.

Remember: Make one change and then test again and compare your results to the results you had before.

If the change increases response rate – keep it. If not, go back to what you were doing and change 1 other thing.

This continuous refining of your sales process will result in continued increases in sales – I guarantee it.

Make Your Brand Name via Internet

In these days internet is very common thing for all guys and girls. According to survey, every second person use internet in their daily busy schedule. In this data, you will get to see that of all age group is involve. Here is not a specific age group you get to see, all age group is using internet to find his/her daily needs. When we take a look of data of year of 2007, there we will see that huge difference from today. According to our data we collect ninety percent people’s started using internet. It is such a huge increment in the census of internet users in the whole world. The USA is took first position in this race of internet users.

USA is one of the single country in the whole world where internet user is more than all countries after that we got know that UK, China Japan is also have great user but India is also involved in this race where net users is increasing rapidly you will shocked after getting know that India is single country in the world where internet users increased hundred percent from 2007. As you see that how peoples are increasing so why are you getting late, you can make your presence online where you can make your brand name or can get good amount lead from here. Now I am going to share three promoting ways on internet that you can start easily to promote yourself.

Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization what is it and how is it work? Search engine optimization is commonly known as SEO. It is one of the most popular way of internet refers to promote your company on search engines such as Google , yahoo and is still well liked way in digital industry , it is time consuming but very effective way of marketing your products on search engines similar to Google. Here are many SEO companies that offer SEO at affordable price but I will suggest you to hire SEO Company UK k which is one of the best UK based online marketing agency. If you want to know more about this company then log on to .

Google Adwords: If you do not desire to waste your time and having money in good amount than Google ad word is better option among all e marketing ways. Google ad word is advertisement program where you can advertisement as a Google sponsor for your targeted keywords and it will not take time more than 12 hours, yes it can start within only 12 hours. In ad word you have to set up an ad word account in which you need to fill your targeted country and keywords after starting it you ad will appear on Google search engine result pages where you peoples can see you easily.

Social Media Marketing: It is also know by SMO or SMM. It includes Face book, twitter and Google plus, these social networking websites having great traffic. It is one of the easiest and popular way to promote your business on internet. It is not very costly and also profitable marketing where you can make your clients in huge amount.

These are the most important ways to make brand name on internet. I hope this article will be proof helpful for you.

You Can Begin Working Form Home Today

In the modern technological world there is a growing number of people who have an interest in working form home but feel that the opportunity is not available to them. They feel that in order to make a success of working form home they need to have business degrees or in depth computer skills. With just simple computer skills and a basic understanding of the internet along with a personal commitment to succeed, anyone can begin working form home today. All that is required is a basic understanding and simple office equipment and you can seriously begin working form home, having things set up can take a few days and in some cases just a few minutes. This time will depend upon the type of business being set up and the degree of training required to use the systems. A home based customer service job is one example we can look at. This job may require the need for basic computer courses and the purchase of software to get things up and running. Whereas, a person who looks at a freelance writing position may only need to fill out a few forms and pay a membership fee before they start writing articles and begin earning money.

The thing to remember is not to worry if you see a position you are interested in and you do not feel you have the skills necessary for the role. There are many free or very cheap courses run in the community. These courses are ideal for building on your basic computing skills. Study the areas you feel any concern about and read up on business skills and advertising techniques. Self education is a powerful motivator. Many successful people throughout the world are self taught. This only goes to prove that the only thing standing in the way of your success is you. If you put in the time and effort needed to learn about what you are interested in you will succeed. We are only limited in life if we allow ourselves to be.

There are a number of different types of sales positions available. These include building websites and offering services or products for a company. The roles involve promoting the products and possibly even taking orders. Overall, however, the process tends to be mostly done online. The products or services themselves are delivered to the customer from elsewhere, so you have no control over this. The buying of products at below wholesale price and selling them at retail price can be very lucrative and may at first glance seem underhanded and illegal is in fact perfectly legal and widely used on online store sites such as ebay and the like. It does not take much to find a host of books and ebooks on the subject of buying and selling online. The key is to enjoy what you are doing. Finding a niche or an area of online business that you enjoy is the key to your long term success. If you enjoy what you are doing and making money at the same your set for life.

Online business opportunities are there for the taking. All you need is the confidence to grab the opportunity and hold on to it. We are presented with many chances in life to make it more pleasant while increasing our knowledge and happiness. We can often feel intimidated and overwhelmed and let these opportunities pass by. We then keep asking ourselves ‘what if’. Other people take the bull by the horns and jump in without concern of the consequences. This can be just as dangerous. Weighing up the odds quickly and carefully is the key. But if you are willing to take the chance and want the opportunity to work from home, it could be a life changing moment for you.

Dynamic Website with PHP Programming – the Need of the Hour

An increasing number of people are hooked to the internet nowadays, thanks to the modern technologies ushering in advancements in the form of handheld devices such as tablets and Smartphones. Using the web has now become so convenient that users can do it even when they are on the go. Given this scenario, it is crucial for businesses to build an effective identity across the web.

At present, majority of the web development languages are empowered to cater to the requisites of the modern tech-savvy users. PHP is widely acclaimed among all these languages because of its outstanding as well as distinguished features. Since it is a server side scripting language, it can generate dynamic pages wherein we do not require PHP programmers for writing pages. The pages can be written by end-users themselves.

Dynamic indicates that the website owner can go for real-time interaction with the users, thereby making the communication live as well as extremely productive. In the present times, almost every website is equipped with these features and organizations are demanding additional advancements so far as their websites are concerned. There are many options that one can avail from PHP application development companies. For example, in the domain of PHP e-commerce development, OsCommerce can be used for simple web stores while Magento can be leveraged for heavy, complex e-commerce sites. The same applies to development of CMS websites wherein WordPress, Moodle, Joomla can be used for all kinds of CMS requirements.

One of the distinguished features of the language is that web developers are capable of integration of PHP code within any version of HTML. This makes room for leveraging the most updated features of HTML 5 together with PHP. Since it is highly flexible as a web development language, web programmers can utilize the various functionalities of the PHP framework to make life more convenient. The frameworks, besides helping in the organization of coding patterns providing outstanding architecture, also render speedier web development. Ultimately both clients as well as developers benefit through saving of time and money.

You can consider any kind of database when you are working with this programming, although MySQL is the most favored choice for web application programmers. When we are starting off with the dynamic website, several factors come into play such as web site design and development, site hosting, the website’s scalability, flexibility and lots more. Let us see in a nutshell why PHP programming is so preferred for developing fast loading, attractive and user-friendly websites.

These above-mentioned beneficial aspects of PHP together with a number of other advantages have made it a popular as well as valuable language for creation of dynamic websites. Its trustworthiness, better performance, versatility, effectiveness and faster speed, in comparison to other programming languages has made it widely acclaimed amongst manifold PHP programmers and web developers.

Things To Consider For A Web Hosting Service For A Successful Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is by far one of the most popular ways to promote any business globally. This is the methods that can help you find potential leads and convert them to become your regular customers. To start with online business, you need to look out for the good web hosting service that will meet your standards.

What actually is a web hosting service? A web hosting service makes it possible for businesses and individuals to post their web pages on the World Wide Web or the internet. These service providers allow any individual internet marketer to create an online presence for his products or services. Some web hosting service providers are free and others can be purchased.

Web hosting services make use of client architecture and hosting to load any content to a server so the web pages and any important information can be seen on the net in HTML format.

For an internet marketer newbie, learning about web hosting services can be daunting. This is, of course, dependent on the determination of the Internet marketer. However, learning about web hosting services is very indispensable to properly launch a website. Here are some important information to consider in choosing a web hosting service provider:

A. Reliability and reputation of the web hosting service providers.

There maybe thousands of web hosting companies. Some of these companies have been in existence for a long time. The people behind these companies are usually IT network engineers and most of them have a good experience and knowledge about web hosting and other computer or internet matters.

You should be careful choosing any web host providers because some of their IT network engineers are very amateur, they don’t have a very good knowledge of this type of service. All they want is just money. So you should watch out for that. Check up on the credentials of the company first. You can do so by checking their site, look for the pages that shows ?about us? or what technology they are using for their servers. Always choose companies that have been on the net business for at least two years and has a good track record.

B. Check up on the storage space that they are going to give you.

The average space a web hosting company can provide is like 100 kilobytes, that includes graphics. This is enough to cover a hundred web pages. The maximum space they can give is up to 2 giga bytes or more. Well the space that will be provided for you will depend on how big the space that you need. Make sure that you buy just enough space.

It’s not a good idea to buy a very large space for believing that a bigger space can be as much powerful as the other websites. Well, FYI it is not true. Just get a space enough for your needs.

C. Check up on the bandwidth space, this is used so you can transfer any data every month.

To maintain your high ratings on search engines, you need to make a transfer of data in your website and make sure that you update all your contents so there is new stuff for the web surfers. There are actually web hosting service providers that give this kind of service. They offer this bandwidth or sometimes they call it ‘transfer window?. When you have this, you can transfer any data from your computer’s hard disk to your own web server.

This transfer window unfortunately has a limited space. This is because they prevent bandwidth overload since most of the users transfer over again data without limitations. You don’t abuse your bandwidth space for transferring data. The space allocated for you is used so you will be able to manage all the data that has been transferred every month.

D. Online and Offline support.

Make sure that you choose a web hosting company that is always available when you give them a call, and that your website is currently running even if you call them late at night for some help. I say they must support you and be available 24/7.

These are the things you need to look out for in a web hosting services. Make sure that all the things you need are present in the web hosting companies that you will choose. Internet marketing will be an easy endeavor if all the elements needed are met and one of these is a good web hosting service.