Make Money Blogging: Sell Other People’s Products

Many bloggers make money selling their own products from their blogging, often advertising them in the sidebars and naturally weaving them into their blog posts. These products can range from ebooks to handmade scarfs and everything in between. What if you don’t have any products yet have readers who are looking to buy? Or perhaps you blog on an area where having your own products is unlikely, maybe new cellphones and cellphone technology for example? You can sell other people’s products and services too via affiliate programs and get a commission, a percentage of the sale. Commissions range from a low of approximately 4%-7% for Amazon to often over 50% for downloaded electronic products like ebooks.

An easy way to find appropriate affiliate programs is simple to type “affiliate program” plus your subject into the search engines. For example to monetize a site on flyfishing, typing “flyfishing affiliate program” into google returned multiple great options.

Although many companies run their own affiliate programs, there are companies that run affiliate programs for multiple merchants including some really major ones like eBay, Sony, and Dell. Examples include AvantLink, LinkShare, Commission Junction and ClickBank. Amazon also has a very popular affiliate program that you can use to sell books and electronics and more.

Although the only products from Amazon I display from my blog are books, if someone clicks through to Amazon I get credit for anything they buy. In the past few months I have made money from people buying green tea, tampons, electronics and copies of my books too. It always shocks me what people are buying from Amazon via my blog. The nice thing about Amazon is even if you don’t want to look commercial, recommending professional books via the Amazon program is very non-commercial.

You better make sure you like the affiliate products and services you are promoting and that they fit into the general theme of your blog. You don’t want anyone to think you are selling stuff just because you are getting a commission. It better be good and you better like it or you are going to lose your credibility.

One of the best ways to promote affiliate programs is via email. “Email?” you say, but isn’t this article about blogging? Many bloggers have an email list as well of interested readers, often gathered by having a signup form on your blog for a newsletter. Offering a freebie or “ethical bribe” for people to signup will greatly increase signups. This freebie is usually something instantly downloadable, for example a special report, ebook, or audio file.

Of course if you have you own products you can also start your own affiliate program, enlisting bloggers and others to help spread your wares.

Some people make a full time living promoting affiliate programs. Others, like myself, get a few extra dollars a month, and whether that’s $20 or $2000 it’s very welcome.

Tips For A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Many companies have realized the benefits of marketing their products or services through the online medium. This medium offers increased visibility and allows companies to tap a large customer base efficiently. The popularity and growth of social networking websites has further supported the online marketing efforts of companies. These websites allow individuals to interact and share updates with each other.

There are many points to be considered in developing a successful social media marketing campaign. The placement of ads in social networking websites plays a significant role in the success of the campaign. Ideally, the ad should be placed in a high-visibility area of the website. Else, it will not give the desired results. Here are some tips for a successful social media marketing campaign as outlined by a professional seo company in Bangalore.

Chalk Out A Plan Before Beginning A Social Media Campaign

Don’t try to get into social media, just because everyone else is trying to market their services on them. Understand the benefits of getting into social media marketing for your business and develop an appropriate plan. Choose only those marketing methods that have an increased chance of being profitable. Stay ahead of the competition by doing some initial research and being prepared.

Tweet Short Posts At Frequent Intervals

When you are organizing a promotional event, make sure to use Twitter. Post tweets about the event at frequent intervals. Ideally, post short tweets using strong words of action that will motivate or inspire other Twitter users to take a desired action. Post links to your website or an updated blog with information about the event, latest deals or discounts.

Update Page Content To Share News

Don’t set up a fixed schedule of making posts on social media websites, unless you have important announcements to make. Be flexible in the intervals between posts. It is a good idea to post content on social media websites for occasions like the launch of a product or service, discounts or special offers. Avoid posting irrelevant or repeated content at frequent intervals, as it will annoy your customers.

Interact With Other Social Media Users

It is not sufficient to post updates and information about your business alone. It is also necessary to interact and engage with other users by posting comments on relevant posts by other users. An effective way of becoming popular is by interacting with other business owners, who operate in a similar field or niche.

You will be able to build lasting relationships with your customers if you are able to accept feedback from your customers or address some of their concerns on such social media websites.

Organize A Contest

A leading internet marketing company in Bangalore suggests organizing a contest for users of the website. Promote your products or services by offering them as prizes for the winners of the contest. You can reward customers for their knowledge of your product or company through the contest. There are many applications on social media websites which allow businesses to host quizzes on such websites.

By following these simple tips outlined in this article, you will be able to promote your business and attract more customers as well. Watch your business grow, as you establish your presence in popular social media websites.

How to Develop Business Through Facebook?

Social networking and social media are the buzzwords. Whether you are promoting yourself, your brand or your company, this is one of the better and more result-oriented methods for long-term returns on increasing levels. Facebook pages are not an option; they are indispensable in today’s scenario, serving as the interface for engaging new and existing customers.

Why Facebook Pages

What we do

How Does FaceBook Help

The Cheapest Way to Improve Business Visibility

Do you think that your company is losing the race of innovation and competition in this era of Internet shuffle? Do you think that you are somewhat lacking in your marketing strategy where your competitors have an edge over you? If your brand does not have a presence on social media then most definitely you are losing the race. It is important for you to understand that internet is the most sufficient source that people nowadays use in order to look for products and services and a huge proportion of these users actively use social media networks to find an answer to their queries. So we believe that it is time to revitalize your marketing strategies and to follow the trend of the general population out of which any possible person can be your potential customer.

Regardless of the type of company you run, developing its online visibility can be extremely valuable. And best part here is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to improve your company’s visibility. By making an account and being active on popular social networking websites, you can produce loads of buzz and direct a much wider group of consumers towards your business. Marketing your brand with different social media sites is very common these days.

Nowadays, there are plenty of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkden that have really helped people to market their product. Without a doubt, these social networking sites have become one of the main sources of communication all around the world. Marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. has given you a reach to socialize your company with a large number of people within no time period. Social networking sites not only facilitate you to make thousands of friends but also let you promote your products by driving lots of fans to your website.

If you want to market your products or services, advertising with Facebook and Twitter etc. is the perfect way these days. It is also considered as the cheapest way of promoting your business. As Facebook has almost 800 million registered users, it is considered as a quick and smart step to advertise a product or a service because around 70% of the people who come on the web use Facebook at a regular basis. In terms of getting an audience response also, it is rated as the top most social networking marketing site.

As you see targeting costumers takes a lot of research and involves marketers taking loads of different aspects into consideration but social media marketing can help you with it as it is cheap yet one of the fastest ways of promoting your brand.

What To Ask For At Your Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is the backbone of your online business and it is one of the most crucial services that ensures your online presence. There are thousands of web-hosting service providers and all of them claim to be the best. Therefore, it is a difficult process to identify the right web hosting service provider.

There are a few important questions that you must ask your web-hosting service provider before you sign up. Normally, the first question people ask is about the cost involved. Though it is an important factor that will help you make your decision, cost should not be treated as the primary factor. There are other crucial factors that need to be addressed.

You must first ask your web host about their average server uptime. Most of the hosting service providers advertise 99.9% uptime, but, in reality, it may not be so. There are a number of server related problems that can keep the visitors off from your website.

Second, you must ask your web host about the connection speed. You must have fast connections to give your website users an enhanced visitor experience. If the connections are slow, your website will take a long time to load and server connection will get disconnected before people can see your website, leading to annoying “The page cannot be displayed error.”

Third, you must know how much web space you get for the package you are signing up for. Most web hosts offer flexible packages. You should be able to advise your web host on the web space depending on the nature of your requirements. There are web hosting packages that range from 10mb or less to several GBs. The greater the space the greater the price.

Along with the allotted web space, you must also be clear about the data transfer bandwidth that is allowed for your package. If you anticipate high traffic, it is better to go with packages that have higher bandwidth capabilities.

The next question will be on the number of email addresses you can configure. There are many web hosting companies that offer unlimited email addresses. If you choose a lower end package, the number of email addresses may be limited to 5 or 10 or 25, depending on the web-hosting package you choose.

You must also be clear about the nature of the database tools that are available and the database types supported by your web-hosting service provider.

If your website is intended to sell your products online, it is important that you have a reliable shopping cart. Make sure you check with your web host whether you have any built-in shopping carts installed and the procedure to customize them to your specific need.

With the advent of the open source technology, web hosting service providers offer a number of free yet useful scripts for their customers bundled with the web hosting package. Check with your web host on the available free scripts, such as forums, blogs, chat support, web statistic tools, etc.

The control panel should be highly user friendly. Your list of questions to your web host must have a question about the control panel features.

Above all, the customer support capabilities of your web host and the turn-around time to resolve server related issues and other complaints is very crucial. To stand the competition, most web hosting service providers offer 24×7 customer support service to their clients. Make sure that your complaints will be addressed during weekends as well.

Why You Need Local SEO For Your Business

In today’s business era, there are numerous marketing strategies to invest on. A certainbusiness needs to bring these marketing strategies through different media. Coping up withcompetitors in terms of utilizing these strategies is a must if to survive and excel is what you want to achieve. Therefore, what you need is a local SEO for your business. SEO or Search Engine Optimization will make your website to be on top of the list. SEO is one of the fast rising marketing channels proven to contribute for a remarkable return on investment.

Majority of the public access the internet, making way for a new marketing channel. Gettingthe local SEO service can make your business eliminate the business competition since users get a better hand at a specific area.

Local SEO helps you reach those in your locality especially when geographical location is asignificant factor. This targets a more specific audience enabling one to focus more on the definite service the community needs. Local SEO gives a good foundation to your website. Starting on promoting your business locally, can induce loyal customers to patronize your product or your business entails numerous competitors, you will certainly need to get hold of loyal customers to keep your business alive. Successfully drawing local customers inhibits your worries of not making it big worldwide.

One should remember that most customers prefer to buy or purchase online on businesseslocated within the 5 miles radius of their location. To help you with your SEO needs, rigorousevaluation of these quality local SEO services should be done. To make sure you pick the best in this type of service, the World Wide Web will help you through it. A local SEO firm of good reputation should be able to provide a wide range of internet marketing solutions. Take your time browsing the internet to ensure you of the best quality SEO firm. You may also want to look at your competitors and check out who is responsible for their website promotions. Check the SEO firm’s testimonial page and see how well they are doing with their job. Narrow down your choices and you will find which can do and serve better for you. Also try to consider their service package if it works for you and if the pay is worth it. For whatever product of business you have, look for those which shows transparency in their work.

CakePHP Development The Best Solution for Your Online Platform

We have seen a lot of development technologies brushing right pass by us in the recent times. The field of websites and web applications development has grown to become quite a competitive world and hence you would want nothing but the best platform or technology deployed for your project. One of these leading platforms for developing efficient web based applications is CakePHP. Amongst the leading PHP web development frameworks, CakePHP has actually garnered a lot of rapt reviews for itself. Please read ahead to understand how exactly this technology can prove out to be rather profitable for your business.

Reasons why one must opt for CakePHP Development

If you are wondering whether this platform is the best solution for not, let us now cover the various chief characteristics and attributes of the same. We are hopeful that after going through the list of its attributes, you would be in a position to make up your mind regarding the same. Have a look to understand more:

Superior functionalities – There is a reason how this platform offers superior functionalities to all of the development projects. It offers an easy collaboration between various objects and elements, due to which developers are able to provide greater functionalities to the projects of their clients. Besides, with amazing features like secure and reliable coding, and flexible coding etc, a CakePHP Development company is able to provide the best features and attributes to their clients.

Well organized development with MVC model – This technology also provides the much resourceful and popularly followed MVC model for better development. MVC primarily stands for Model View and Controller and allows the developers to exercise advanced control and easily integrate the business logic with the best of designs and presentations. Another advantage of MVC model in Cake PHP is that the developers can easily connect with backend system and easily avoid executing any sort of incorrect execution of the codes and easily solve any query which the developers may have.

Standardizations and efficient management – one of the reasons which have contributed towards the popularity and resourcefulness of this platform is that it has some of the most well-defined and standardized security procedures ensuring that the platform thus developed are robust, secure and reliable. Moreover, it allows the developers to better manage the development proceedings, by offering them efficient session management facilities. Hire CakePHP Developers and watch them give wings to your development idea.

Easy management of the databases – it gets so difficult to manage the databases, to ensure that the data elements are as per the specifications. In order to cut short on the same, this brilliant development technology provides the developers with a feature of flexible validation. This can be used explicably to validate multiple database elements. A developer is in the position to put various validation rules on a single given file and efficiently manage the wide multitude of database elements.

Easy availability – lastly, one can easily get and instant access to best of human talent and minds working on this development platform. There is a herd of offshore development centers offering amazing and fully fledged Cake PHP development services, and you may easily hire the developers under various flexible payment options and likewise kick start the web development project.

Thus, for a web application design and structure which is greatly flexible and well structured and completely reliable development platform opt for Cake PHP.

Automating With Autoresponders

Automation is an important part to any business. The less time you devote to doing small redundant tasks the more time you will have to devote to primary business activities, such as: product development, advertising, customer service, and list building. Or, you may want to have more time for enjoying other things in life other than working, so the more you automate your business the more time you will have available to spend on whatever you desire.

Putting an online business on autopilot is not very difficult and much of it can be done by simple using autoresponders to do many simple tasks for you. An autoresponder is a software program that you pay usage fees for, or that you buy and put on your own hosting account’s server. It is a program that responds to email inquiries from other people with whatever you program it to send out. And it can also easily be programmed to send out email messages that you enter into it at whatever time you want. Therefore an autoresponder, abbreviated AR, can be used for many purposes to assist in handling business communication activities.

An AR can be used to promote your products or services and to get people to visit your website. Just type or copy and paste your sales or informational message into your AR and have it sent out to whoever you have entered into the AR. Then, when a person receives your message and visits your web site and makes a purchase you can have your AR setup to deliver another message to them. The message would thank them for their purchase and then deliver their product and receipt to them.

You may also program it to give your customers detailed instructions on how to go about obtaining their products and describing other products you have to offer that they may be also be interested in purchasing. In this way you have the ability to promote more products and possibly make more sales. You can also program your AR to send out follow-up messages a day or two after a purchase to ask customers if they are satisfied with their purchase. This assists in building strong customer relations and also gives you another opportunity to promote more products while saving your time.

It will also allow you to make more ?back-end? sales by using follow up messages every few days. It is advisable to always include some meaningful and relevant information in your follow up messages so your messages do not appear to just be blatant sales messages, which most people do not generally like or appreciate. The beauty of all this is that you can be off doing something else while much of your business communication activities are being handled automatically by your AR.

Autoresponders are great for training and teaching purposes. Many college professors who teach correspondence courses set up their lessons in an AR and then send them to their students at specified times throughout the semester. And, because the courses being taught often do not vary much from semester to semester, or from year to year, the lessons can be set up one time and used over and over again with only minor adjustments being needed.

ARs are great for providing training lessons to all types of groups. For example, a 12 week training course can be written in advance and then scheduled for deliver when the time is appropriate. The lessons can even be set up to be delivered to different groups at different time intervals. ARs are great for keeping members of an organization informed of upcoming events, deadlines, and special offers or promotions.

Promoting products for sale is one of the most popular uses of autoresponders in online business. But when using an AR to promote your sales just realize that most potential customers do not like the direct ?hard sale? approach and it has been documented that on an average a potential customer must hear from you at least 7 times before a sale is made. It is usually best to contact potential customers in the first 2 to 4 messages with valuable information that is interesting for them to read or use in their lives. It is good to give away something of interest and value and to thank them for subscribing to your email newsletter or ezine.

It has been said that the best way to entice sales is to build interest slowly and start with an informative message about something that interests your reader. And, when you do try to make a sale be sure to focus on a problem or solution that your product or service will help resolve for them. Gain their confidence by providing free information that is relevant, accurate, and informative for them.

There are many AR services available and you can certainly find them by doing a search with any of the main search engine services. Many AR services will give you free limited service, but be cautious of these AR services because they will put their advertisements on all of your outgoing messages, or limited the amount of messages and subscribers you can send to. These things certainly will not help your business any. Be very careful when choosing and signing up with an autoresponder service to use in your business.

Some popular ARs frequently used are listed below:

And, of course there are many, many more so please do a good and thorough investigation and analysis before deciding which AR to use. If you are a beginner then you may want to try the free service listed on the last line above. It is called, ?EGGS? for short. It is very easy to understand and to use. It does have some limitations but it has plenty of functionality for most people and there is no cost

involved unless you would like to donate.

Fashion Industry Through Social Media

Before Social Media came it was so hard to sell things. A person like me for or any other young fresh fashion designer, for whom it was so difficult to make PR, promote their work or Sell things to the customers & users. Digital Marketing in Pakistan has also been on the rise and Fashion Industry (specifically formal and informal lawn brands) is fast accepting this unique phenomenon. A young Fashion Entrepreneur need to set up a website which cost him more than 50 thousand Pak Rupee or can open a retail outlet which would cost him more than 500,000 Pak Rupee. The choice is simple; selling online is much easier and less risky as compared to opening up a retail outlet.

For all these small players; social media has been a blessing. Social Media like Facebook Twitter and Pinterest are now the most favored platforms for small & medium fashion players to promote and sell their stuff all over the world.

Facebook has particularly made it simple for small businesses to sell. With its 1 billion users, it has been a great place to find new customer and attract attention of consumers. It is also easy to retain customers and built a list for prospect customers. Now with latest Facebook store front apps, the fashion brands and small players are not even making websites and continued on selling their stuff on their Facebook page. These applications would book orders automatically and collect payment via PayPal.

The list of these companies is huge and to name a few; Rocxial, Storefrontsocial, Ecwid and Payvmenthave good services that these small players can use and grow their social sales network. The storefront gives users more easy way to surf products with full description and prices. Also fans can even checkout with the product without even having the need of going to the website. Everything takes place within the Facebook page.

Hence, small fashion designers can now find customers, book orders and get payments without the need of a website and a retail outlet. This is how social media is revolutionizing commerce and the fledgling f-commerce is going to pick up pace and bring rapid change.

As far as countries like Pakistan is concerned , the summer season is ON and all the established brands like Kayseria, Khaadi and Gul Ahmed, or newly launched premium brands like Sana Safinaz or Asim Jofa, or relatively smaller designer names like Ranga Rung, Rang Ja, The Working Woman, Mariam Aziz and Echo all can be found actively on Facebook. As per my calculations, one in every ten recommendations/sponsored stories or ads I see, are related to a clothing brand.

With the help of Social Media even now the Brand like Nishat Fashions or Ideas by Gul Ahmed now sell these things online to their customers outside Pakistan. With the help of Social Media it’s now easy to communicate with your customers & clients.

Keeping these stats and trends in mind, one can evidently conclude that digital and eventually mobile marketing has an immense potential for the Fashion Industry. If the growth trends continue to move in the same direction and at a similar pace, there should certainly be no stopping social media marketing from making brands re-allocate their budgets from traditional to online mediums.

Cloud Server Hosting For Online Businesses

Online businesses need to make the best use of cloud server hosting services that have gained immense popularity in the recent times. Before you consider such a service, a good idea would be to find out how server hosting is powered and the methods of operation. For your server and networking needs for your online business, all you need is one of the best cloud computing services.

A lot of commercials related to this can be seen on the internet. In networking in the future, cloud computing is the latest wave. It is from different kinds of systems that resources get pooled together for allocation to applications and processes in cloud hosting. In the case of resource sharing, the resources of all home computers can be combined.

Customization and Highest Functionality

However in the case of businesses, not many resources are available at their disposal that is required for running the regular applications and processes for running of businesses. Business keen on cloud networking can consider services of any of the companies offering network cloud server hosting and specializing in cloud hosting.

From the cloud server hosting company you can buy your resources offering required customizations and functionalities from the network in the same way as offered via a physical server of a traditional hosting solution. You do not have to face any kind of issue and hassles related to the hardware as far as maintenance is concerned. For the cloud hosting service taken, a particular fee has to be paid on a monthly basis.

Simplified and Easy To Use Service

There is no longer a physical server to manage your network since it is managed in a virtual environment. Benefits of a cloud hosting service are many. It is an easy to use and it is a simple service. As compared to a dedicated server the options offered by a cloud server are many. On each of the counts actually they compare in a favorable manner. As per the needs, fully customized solutions in networking are offered.

To transfer data, the reliability and speed that are essential is offered by the cloud hosting solution. Since the networking technology is virtually private, the cloud server is secure and good as though it is a dedicated server. Physical servers offer functionalities that are advanced. Similar functionalities are also offered by the cloud hosting services as well.

Surpasses Capabilities of Dedicated Servers

As technology keeps advancing this option is sure to surpass the capability of a dedicated server. The alternative now available does not lead to any kind of frustration and is affordable at the same time. For many of the online businesses the cloud hosting service proves to be an attractive option.

Maintenance is done remotely and the requirement of hardware is as minimal as possible. There is increased possibility of upgrades too also leading to savings. In these times when there is recession in the economy, considering a cloud hosting service will surely prove to be most beneficial for your internet business.