Zend or Yii? Find Answer to This Pressing Conundrum Here!

In the present day and time, PHP is a brilliant web and application development technology, which has made available a number of frameworks for the developers to avoid having to develop the applications from the scratch and leverage from the predefined libraries and methodologies made available in this platform.

Below, we have taken into account two of the amazing PHP based web application development skeletal structures – Zend and Yii. While Yii is a relatively younger and quicker platform for developing websites, Zend is reliable, mature and has the wherewithal to support any large scale web application.

Now let us have a detailed look into the nature and attributes of these two development platforms:

Zend Framework:

First up, we shall discuss various advantages and disadvantages of the Zend framework:


Zend application development enjoys the status of being a standard in the industry.

The life cycle of applications based on this technology is pretty much awesome, so to speak, and a zend development company is able to offer lifetime support, owing to the reputation and performance levels of this platform.

Various developers find it easy to adopt and work around with Zend, as compared to other platforms.

It is a well tested environment which has reduced the number of bugs and errors to a bare minimum. Same cannot be said about the Yii platform though.


But enough of the advantages, now let us consider a few disadvantages of this platform as well:

The learning curve is quite steep, for the size of this platform is pretty huge. Owing to the same reason, even the libraries are pretty complex and demanding.

This platform does not have its focus on the speeding the development process, which at times annoys and tests the patience of the developers.

Yii Framework:

And now, let us cover the essentials of Yii Framework


Yii Framework development, with its due stress upon the rapit application development environment, is the best choice for developers who are looking for a speedy and time saving solution. Perhaps the biggest advantage that Yii development has over Zend is its time saving attribute.

In addition to the above mentioned point, Yii is pretty much easy to learn, pretty swift to work around with and very light weighed.

As compared to Zend, it offers better integration of permissions. These permissions and filters are integrated into models, models then integrate into forms, and finally, an assortment of forms provides us with views.


Yii lacks the experience and reliability of Zend platform, since it is comparatively younger.

Owing to the same reason, there is a limit to the extent of references, resources, tips, tricks and tutorials that are available with regards to Yii, as compared with Zend.

And End Note

Different frameworks correspond to different purpose in general and while it will not be correct on our part to choose one framework over the other, we can always learn more about the platform and discover which one is more suited to go with our style of work and expectations from the desired applications.

Review Of Steps Necessary For Website Hosting

Any business nowadays should have a website. The approach it beneficial for maintaining contact with its customers, for offering information about activities past, present and future, and for online commercial activities. Finding a web hosting company to suit your needs, within the limits of your budget, is essential for a successful World Wide Web distribution of products or services.

The appearance of the site of a commercial company can greatly influence its actual or prospective customers. An informative content and user-friendly structure, not to mention rapid accessibility of the site can attract customers and recommendations thus widening the consumer market. All of these aspects are the essential points covered by the hosting plan and the web hosting company chosen to sustain the website. Of course, your provider will take care of many other side-aspects, insofar as you have secured an operative collaboration with a reliable provider.

The thousands of web hosting providers that exist today may be confusing. The process of selection of the appropriate hosting company can be time-consuming and tiring. An organized approach would start by asking for recommendations from friends who already have properly working web pages. Even so, thorough research is a necessity, in order to be able to compare the services of the hosting provider to the estimated requirements of the web page.

Before choosing a web hosting company, you need to comply with a number of supplementary requirements: register for a domain name (it is better not to register with the hosting company you plan on working with), design the website or evaluate the requirements and set the budget. Concerning website design, there are three available methods: either do it yourself (if you have the appropriate training), choose from a series of templates offered by some hosting companies or hire a trained specialist.

If you cannot obtain a recommendation, it is not suitable to appeal to the large, renowned companies. You may find that smaller companies have more time to respond to customers requests. You can test this very easily by sending a request to the technical support and observing the time of reply. You will find that online support is faster than fax or telephone.

Next, you should get some technical information such as the number of domains admitted, the bandwidth volume, and uptime percentage. Concerning the volume of bandwidth, verify what the offer is from the beginning and how much you have to pay if you go over certain volumes of downloads per month. In addition, keep in mind that a respectable web hosting provider should offer reliable guarantees (such as money back) when stating their uptime percentage ? in this manner, you may be certain you have started your efforts on the right foot.

Another step is to review the compatibility of your files and applications with the software and services offered by the host. Check if easy-to-use control panel is available, for uploading your data. To what concerns more liberal hosting plans ? such as dedicated server or collocation center ? such problems shouldn’t arise, because the customer only controls the design of the website. Also, review the cost, and consider that monthly payment is one generally recommended approach, especially in the beginning.

Using the website’s requirements as a starting point, objective selection criteria should be your guide in filtering through the vast diversity of hosting providers available. In this manner, choosing a web hosting provider for your company’s website can be a pleasant activity, even for those with little experience.

Email Marketing Software Helps You Keep Track Of Your Marketing Campaign

For an advertising or marketing campaign to run smoothly and effectively good organization is required; for larger emailing campaigns this usually requires some kind of email marketing software. However, email marketing software has a lot more to offer than you would probably imagine.

Prospect Finder

Finding prospects can be a very time consuming activity. Some email marketing tools allow you to collect targeted email addresses from visitors to your web site. Creating a newsletter for visitors adds value to your site and keeps your company in front of your prospects.


Responding to your prospective clients with a well-written and partial sales email is vital to winning business and gaining repeated business. Using email-marketing software you can set up autoresponders that will send these emails for you as soon as your visitors or customers complete certain actions, which are predefined by you.

Verify, Verify, Verify.

With modern legislation on spamming it is common practice to verify email addresses; getting prospects to click on a verification link makes them an opt in lead, meaning you can contact them as you will regarding your service or your product. Don’t forget, though, you must always offer them the opportunity to stop receiving communication from you.

Removal Service

Once you have your bulk email list up and running and you?ve been contacting people on a regular basis to forge a good relationship and sell your products you will undoubtedly get emails that become dead links. You should be removing these to save time, effort and space in your email.

Spamming policies mean you should also always offer your prospects the chance to stop receiving your targeted emails. Even though you won’t want to let go, sometimes you have to.


Obviously, email marketing software offers you the capability to send targeted emails to everyone on your email lists. That’s what this software was originally intended for and what it is most commonly used for to this day. You can organize your prospects into categories and even status. You could run several campaigns at once and your email marketing software will keep track of which prospects belong to which campaign and therefore, send the correct email to them.

Most email marketing software will be able to schedule emails for you, so you could for instance send an email to new prospects that contains a link to your catalogue. After a week you may wish to contact them to answer any questions. This technique will put your company name back in their minds and possibly produce more sales. Or, perhaps you sell a consumable good that most people buy once a month. You can set your email marketing software to contact your customers one month after purchase, perhaps offering them a discount for repeated business.

All of these are genuine ways to use email marketing software. Bearing in mind that some estimate as many as 70% of Internet users from the USA have made purchases on the back of an email marketing campaign, most agree they are useful tools to help your website or business succeed.

Going Small the Art of the Mobile Website

You’re rolling out your new website. Maybe you slaved over it for hours, teaching yourself HTML as you went, or maybe you spent a lot of money on a very talented designer who gave you exactly what you wanted. Either way, you’re looking at it on your computer and it looks gorgeous. Why, you’re so proud that when you go out to lunch, you pull out your phone to show it to your friends.

And suddenly it doesn’t look so great anymore. Maybe it’s all squished, or maybe it’s just unreadably small. Either way, you’re disappointed and possibly the laughingstock of your friends.

Luckily, this fate can be avoided. Mobile website development is an important but often-overlooked part of having a killer website. Some simple planning can ensure that your website looks as good on a phone or tablet as it does on your desktop computer or laptop.

Be Aware

Awareness is the first key to good design. You have to know that it’s going to look different on your phone before you can worry about whether it looks good on your phone. The good news is you may already have figured this out if you’re researching mobile website development.

Fix It Up

The second step is deciding what to do about it. If you use a content management platform like WordPress or Weebly, it can be as simple as enabling a mobile theme for your site. WordPress in particular makes this very simple because you can install a mobile theme as easily as you can a regular theme. If you went to a professional designer for your website, you should contact him or her. Making your website work on mobile browsers may be a simple matter of adding a stylesheet or making a few small changes in the code. As the designer if they’re not aware the site doesn’t meet your standards, they can’t change it. Mobile website development is important for professionals too.

Tweak It

If you designed your website yourself, you may not be sure what to do next. If you don’t want to ask your friends to check your website out on their phones, there are various websites that will mimic a mobile browser setting for you, allowing you to see what your website would look like. Then you simply need to do what you did to make it look so good in the first place: tweak the code until your website is a thing of beauty and joy, and then show it off.

Blogging Plus Entrepreneurs What They Have Got in Common

Creating a blog needs patience, effort, and commitment. You must give time for you to update your blog regularly. Yet that is just one of the tasks you have to carry out to prevail and get found from the brutal world of online business marketing. Listed below are some hits and guidelines which you could use to get found and turn into a celebrity with a good blog and an even better online following in a snap:

If you’ve got a Twitter account, go Tweet! Use Twitter as a means to become an internet business marketing celebrity by submitting RSS feeds, comments, and other business news by way of Tweets. It can help you develop a great network that both engages and absorbs both you and your fellows, with all the added benefit of the ease and convenience it offers. Facebook and twitter are two of the very most popular social networking websites today. Linking your business blog to those sites not simply ensure that you get found faster, but it also allows you free-range of interaction with your consumers. Monitoring your stocks, client feedback, as well as other news is simpler and more accessible too!

Purchase suitable domain sites for instance .com, .net, as well as other sites with the use of satellite site development. Mirror sites may also be designed to custom-fit a local region, area, or dialect of your choosing, so long as they must always have a link to your squeeze pages. Be sure that your mirror sites possess the same in-depth features and content as the main site. In terms of raising inbound traffic, generate new domain names for every new product you release.

Mobile phones nowadays have the element of connecting online. If you own such a phone, then put it to use as best you can to keep in touch with your organization while on a tight schedule. Updates, feedback, responses, everything can now be done on the palm of your hand. It’s simple really. Simply generate an RSS feed which will enable you to receive, post, and edit content out of your blogs while you’re on a trip or just chillin’ out.

A fantastic tip to obtain that fast celebrity status and get found very easily is to incorporate keywords into your articles. Use both apparent, long-tail, and unusual keywords in your blog posts, since in SEO or Search Engine Optimization, you ought to readily foresee the unexpected.

Always keep your blog content up-to-date. Clean up your blog every now and then by archiving needless content and adding new ones. You may also modify or reuse old content so you won’t have to start over completely from scratch when at a loss for ideas. The key is to keep your site fresh and inviting. Because contents often hold inbound links, do not delete them. Archive them rather for future use!

Social media sites just like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr are all useful inclusions in get found. Integrate your ads in these social networking sites. Remember that with the proper strategy, wherever consumers are, money and celebrity will definitely follow!

Reliable Business Web Hosting

If the major thing you need in a business web hosting is reliability and affordability, then there are a few hosts you can find that take this service as a priority in the web hosting service they offer. I am not saying that other aspects of web hosting will not count, but the priority is reliability. The host to go for is host monster. It never disappoints in term of server uptime.

The next in top reliable business web hosting is host gator. It has thousands of privately owned and managed servers, meaning they are not resellers. This makes it possible to quickly switch from one server to another in case of any possible outage. They have backup or rather standby server always in place to make sure your website is always on 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The server uptime of host monster is 99.99%. If you ask me, I will say it is 100%, but because you can really find a 100% perfect service, I can go with the 99.99%.

What makes hostmonster stand on top of its competitors is the reliability in running their service. It is the best webhost and on top of that its fees are very affordable. As the best in the online market, one should expect their price to be the most expensive as in the case of other things, but its price stands in the midst of others.

The features offered by Hostmonster are unbeatable. With this host, you will get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, 24 hours 7 days customer support, free google, yahoo, miva ad credit. This ad credit can be used to advertise at ppc search engines for free without the need to pay any extra fees. The ad credit may even make up the money you paid for your domain to be hosted by Hostmonster. If you want to host your domain with the top reliable web host, then you should not miss to do it at hostmonster. Hence, the name it is called; the monster.

Beginner Intro To Blog Traffic

So you have a brand new website or blog. Now how do you make people visit it? On this article I’ll outline some of the ways you’ll get your traffic count going.

Traffic is the number one thing on the online marketing business. Once you have traffic, you can think about monetizing that traffic and start making money. Until you reach a steady traffic flow, you shouldn’t even try to place ads or anything on your site because if you don’t have traffic, then you can’t generate clicks and therefore placing ads on such a new site is superfluous.

First and most important of all, is organic search engine traffic. This is the traffic that comes from people doing searches on a search engine, and of course that the most important one of all is of course Google. If you can get your sites pages to rank highly on a Google search, then you are practically guaranteed to get traffic. Now this is not as easy as it looks since Google uses a complex algorithm that defines how your page should be indexed and how high or low it appears on the search engine results. You will be found on Googles search results for keywords that appear on your site. Keyword optimization is key here, and when your adding content to your site or blog always keep in mind that in order for people to find it, they will need to search for a specific set of keywords and therefore you should use those keywords on your content and titles, that means that if your posting about, let’s say, a software product then you shouldn’t make the posts title something like “Great software” but instead, use the software’s name, and title it something like: “Photoshop – great image software”. That way it’s more specific and that insures that you get higher quality traffic, high quality traffic are visitors that actually finds your site useful, in this case people that were actually looking for posts about photoshop and not people that were searching for some other software.

Even without keyword optimization your site will eventually be indexed on Google and people will find it for a whole set of different keywords, some that you didn’t even plan for, but in the long run you will probably want people to find it when they are searching for a specific set of keywords, and that is when you should start thinking about writing with search engines in mind. This doesn’t mean you should write robotic language or repeat the keywords 50 times, it just means that you should be conscious about it and repeat the keywords a few times and ideally use them on the title. Just don’t over do it. Always write for people. But always keep the search engines in mind.

Just writing keyword optimized content and hoping for the best won’t get you much success since there is almost no use in being on the search engine results if you’re on page 56 of the results. One very important factor that the Google algorithm takes into account are backlinks. This is the most influential factor for getting listed highly on search engine results. Why is this you ask? Well if you think about it, it makes sense that a page that has a lot of other websites linking to it has a higher content value than a page without any other sites linking to it. And the bigger the site that links to you is, the better. So if there’s a site that has 20 other smallish sites linking to it, that is not bad, but if you have a site that has only 2 or 3 sites linking to it, but those sites are very popular and authority sites, then that is even better. The size and authority of the site that links to your pages makes a big difference.

So now, how do you use this knowledge to bring your site more visitors? Well first of all there is one thing you need to have and that is patience. You won’t get ranked highly on the search engines in a day or a week. You’ll need to build backlinks for your site, and you can’t stop building them anytime soon. How do you build backlinks? Well, there are a huge range of options here, you could post your site on social bookmarking sites, register and post on forums related to your site and put your site’s address on your signature, submit articles to article directories and link to your site in the end, submit to link directories, add your best posts to social news sites like digg and reddit, ask other webpage owners to link to your site, post on classified sites, etc etc. There are numerous amounts of ways to build backlinks but we won’t get too deep into that for now because we’ll go into it in greater detail on a future post.

What you should try your best to do is to make your site worthy of spontaneous linking. What’s that you ask? Well, if you have good content, nice articles, funny stuff on your site, then people will eventually just naturally link to your site. Those are usually the best links because they give you no work at all to get them and many times you’ll have some big sites linking to yours and that will certainly give your site a boost on the search engine rankings. In the beginning it’s hard to have people spontaneous linking to you unless you have some great idea or a great article about something interesting. Even then it’s hard if your just starting out because you haven’t got too many visitors and therefore not many people with sites to link to you. But fear not, with time you will.

So that’s it for now, just a quick intro on how to prepare your site for traffic. Just start adding good content to your site and take a few minutes or an hour everyday to build some backlinks. Add your site to a few link directories per day, make some forum posts with your link on the signature, make worthy comments on other peoples blogs, etc.

You should never stop promoting your site, and taking a little time everyday to do it it will bring you good results after a while.

PHP Development Tools That Can Make You a Better Developer

If you are looking to become a better developer its not just getting better at PHP development itself that you need to concentrate on. Certainly you need to study, learn and develop your actual development skills, but you also need to look at the ways that you carry out projects and fulfill client needs and objectives. Luckily, PHP is such a prominent web technology that a multitude of tools have been created to give further help and assistance to developers and make them become better at what they do. These tools should never be substituted for real PHP development UK practice, but they can have a really positive impact on development projects and make you a better developer in return.

A Framework

A framework is what we consider to be the most useful PHP development tool, no serious developer should be without one! There are actually two different types of frameworks that are largely available to use in PHP development. The first type of framework that can make PHP development UK easier to manage is a Content Management System framework. Although in previous years CMS only really had a single purpose, today’s systems can actually be considered frameworks due to their versatility and the ability to improve their functions with add ons and extensions. Although you will have to learn how to utilize them (although for an experienced developer this wont be a problem since many CMS systems operate in the same way) if you are creating similar projects for clients, such as websites and web applications, these systems can be more than beneficial.

The second type of framework available to improve PHP development is a generic development and programming framework, such as CakePHP or ZendFramework. There are actually various different types of frameworks available, and the best developers tend to specialize in no more than three of four of them in order to effectively manage and carry out their projects. Like other tools, generic programming frameworks can have their inherent weaknesses, but provided they are understood and used effectively they can get projects up and running very quickly.

Testing and Debugging Tools

The testing and debugging processes that follow in the event of problems during a development project are just as important, if not more important, than the actual building processes and like the other processes they too can be improved and simplified with well chosen tools. Any developer using PHP should be more than familiar with the concept of Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (so let’s not waste space talking about them here!) and there are two tools designed to improve this that developers can use – PHPUnit or SimpleTest.

Debuggers can easily be considered as the most useful tool a developer can have, and no development server should be without one. The best debugging tools, such as dbg, xdebug and Zend Debug, give developers the functions that they need to break down their code quickly and easily and find problems at any point during a development process.

Database and Code Management Tools

Any developer considering more advanced PHP development UK work needs to get hold of database and coding tools such as an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) tool and Version Control System, particularly if working with larger databases. Databases by their very nature will expand and grow too large to be managed without a tool like an ERD (MySQL’s Workbench is a great one to try). ERDs can help developers visualize and structure their databases, and they help keep these complex development projects straight and organized.

Version Control Systems, such as CVS, SVN or Git, will also help developers protect their projects by securing their code. Keeping code in a VCS at any point in a project will ensure that developers are saved from the effects of crashing hard drives and any unnecessary errors, and due to the variety available they can suit development teams of all sizes.

Google Places Optimization Provides Strategic Marketing

Google places optimization will promote your business through strategic marketing. Your local business can receive strategic marketing that result in new clientele and strengthened community awareness. Businesses are utilizing this plan to promote their business within their community; day Cares, nail salons, restaurants, churches, pizzerias, and others, are benefiting from this strategic plan. Learn more about an effective marketing strategy that works!

Google places optimization is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. This strategic marketing plan will include a keyword optimized website. These keywords are dynamic power buttons that connect potential clients directly to your establishment. Google places optimization registers directly with Google and provides you with a unique map listing along with the ability to out rank competition involved in Internet searches. Expertise is needed to provide you with the highest ranking possible. This is an excellent way to bring your business out of obscurity and into the light. You can gain the attention in your community by gaining attention through Internet marketing. Local businesses are mixed with deep competition. Most local businesses are focusing their attention on outdated marketing, such as scattered marketing. Scattered marketing utilizes “snail mail” to send mass mailings. This marketing is not only expensive, is outdated. Just as the Yellow Pages have become dusty and unused, mass mailings are being ignored and tossed in the trash. Most potential customers are now utilizing the Internet to connect with local establishments providing services that they desire. This is a practical and affordable way to grow your business. Dentists, lawyers, pizzerias, sit-down restaurants, contractors, landscapers, and more, all benefit from this strategy.

Local business optimization will help you in reaching your goals and will assist you in consistently obtaining new customers. This process strategically focuses on capturing the attention of individuals searching for the exact services that you provide. This is accomplished through the use of keywords. These keywords must be appropriately chosen. An expert will be able to provide you with the best keyword usage for your establishment. Your website needs to be properly designed in order to grab the attention of major search engines, such as Yahoo and Google. Most local businessmen and women have not tapped into the resources available through Google places optimization. Much of your competition may be lost in the dark when it comes to Internet marketing. By having an expert provide your establishment with local business optimization, you can move the head of organizations that have in operation longer then you. Individuals searching for services which you provide will be connected through keyword usage as well as through Google places optimization. An expert will provide you with excellent reviews from your current customers that will encourage others to utilize your service. You will be able to maximize your community interest through Internet marketing.

Local business optimization is grabbing the attention of potential clientele as they utilize their laptops, blackberries, GPS devices, and iPads to search for services. You will have a direct link to these potential clients when your website is optimized with those keywords. An expert will provide you with keywords that will grab the maximum amount of searches each day. This is the best SEO tool provided for local businessmen and women. Private schools, auto dealers, contractors, pizzerias, beauty shops, restaurants, and retail establishments are utilizing this marketing technique. Now is an excellent time to gain superiority in your Google places optimization; if you move fast, your listing can be first among all the competition.