Social Media Marketing is highly effective and targets a wide audience; creating an online presence is an excellent way to help grow your business. Having a strong social media presence is beneficial to your company as others will help share and promote your business while also helping to spread the word about your company. Social media can help your business become more accessible and helps you connect with your clients. Here are some 5 steps to promoting your business through Facebook:

#1 Campaigns and Incentives

Running contests and campaigns are effective ways to encourage others to help network your page. By running a contest in which users submit their own relevant topics or designs to your fan page and must earn “likes” as votes, these users will share their submission in order to gain new votes, networking to their friends in order to win the contest. Of course, it is wise to provide a pot of gold at the end of this networking, whether it be exposure, goodies, or cash. Facebook users will willingly help you network with a contest like this knowing there is a small reward at the end. Paying under $100 to instantly gain a potential swarm of fans? Why not!

#2 Embed Buttons

Embed facebook sharing buttons on your website in order to instantly connect someone to your social media presence. You can also implement Facebook’s commenting feature onto your webpages, allowing users to instantly connect to your Facebook Page. This is a fast and identifiable way to instantly refer someone to your social media networks, or for others to share your blog posts. Strategic and relevant placement of these plugins will allow users to casually refer your business to others. There are a wide variety of Facebook social plugins and embedding options such as: Like Buttons, Comments, Like Box, Recommendations, Activity Feeds, and more!

#3 Engage your audience

Social media must be social! Encourage your audience to give feedback and include relevant topics and links on your blog in order to stay current, present, and engaging. Losing your voice over the internet will bore fans; keep them hooked by posting interesting news, and they will remember why they wanted to follow your business in the first place.

#4 Social Media Sharing

Find the right web mediums to network your business, and share. Relevant websites with similar goals and ideals as your business may already have a large audience. If you can submit your business information and links to that website, your referrals could skyrocket. For example, if your business photographs animals, Reddit users will eat it up. You can also try linking: include a link to your Facebook Fan Page through your e-mail, or invite your e-mail subscribers to follow your page. Add a link to your own homepage, or use the “@” tag to automatically tag your business page in a relevant comment. Ensuring that your online presence is connected through all mediums (your twitter, blog, website, Facebook) is essential.

#5 Implement Facebook Ads

Though this is a costly form of promoting your social presence, it is certainly effective. With targeted, rotating ad space, Facebook users from around the world will be instantly connected with your business page. This helps to target users who are interested in your type of business but would not find your page otherwise.

Now go start improving your Facebook Likability!

In sum, growing your Facebook network can promote your business and increase sales. By sharing discounts, promotional deals, and information about your business with an online community such as Facebook, your business will steadily grow and prosper thanks to the Facebook network. Give a little, get a little, and watch your business blossom!

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