Time is money in any business, but especially so in the world of internet marketing. Most successful marketers own multiple websites and run many campaigns in order to maximise their profits all year round.

When setting up a website its vital, therefore, that it doesn’t soak up too much of your valuable time; time which would be better spent on marketing and promoting the site. Unfortunately, though, there are so many things to be done when setting up even a simple website that it can often be a very time consuming process indeed. However, thanks to WordPress and the amazingly flexible These Theme then you can quite literally set up your own website in 60 minutes flat and get on with the real task of making money.

First of all, go to your hosting account and log into your control panel. Most web hosting packages offer something called Fantastico ? it’s a great installer that allows you to get a basic WordPress blog set up in just a few minutes. Enter the details, press install and your blog will be online.

Next up, install your plug-ins. You can either do this by logging into the administrator control panel of your WordPress blog, or you can ftp the files straight into the appropriate directory. Once in the control panel you activate the plug-ins and check that you are running the most recent versions. The total time to do this shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes or so. I use quite a few plug-ins when building my sites, but most people will only need a couple, usually for SEO, contact forms, privacy notices and the like.

You can now check out how your site looks and you should see that you have the bare bones of a working website. Now it’s time to have fun. First of all, set up your categories based on your keywords and content. Again, don’t spend too long doing this, as you can always change the site layout later if you need to. Personally, I like to add a couple of test posts with some pictures to get a feel of how things will look, but this is optional. Within 30-40 minutes you will have set up a real live working version of your website, albeit one that’s not quite ready for the prime time.

The final task is to customise the look and feel of the site so that it really catches your visitor’s imagination and draws them in. That’s where the Thesis Theme for WordPress really helps. Grab a copy from and upload the files to your server. Activate the theme and check that everything looks fine by refreshing the site. Again, this takes only a few minutes. Now, we are into the home straight. With most WordPress Themes you have to spend a long time customising them, maybe even doing some programming, in order to get it looking the way you want. Thesis however, has an amazing amount of configuration options built into its administration panel so it’s really just a case of clicking some buttons to get the site looking exactly right. Upload a logo, change colours and fonts, and adjust the layout of your menus. You can even incorporate analytics tracking code, and have multimedia slideshows built into the design in just a few minutes.

Ok, so there we go. A real live working website in an hour ? not bad! Of course, you need to fill in your content and play with the hundreds of options that the Thesis theme offers you, but it’s essentially done for now. Now it’s time to get into the real job of building those back links and promoting the site around the internet. Oh, and waiting for the money to roll in of course.

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