This article focuses on the use of bubble mailers, how they occurred, what their advantages are and where you can buy them online.

The Internet is having a tremendous impact on the way we do business, bringing the entire world and all people in it into one big market, where buyers and sellers from different countries meet virtually. In order for the online business to remain successful and maintain the trust of the customers, sellers must make sure their products are shipped in time and without any damage. The shipping can be as important as the quality of the actual product.

According to the definition given by , Bubble Wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. The air bubbles provide the cushioning for fragile items, yet the material as a whole remains very light due to the fact that it’s filled with air. The bubbles vary in size from 6mm in diameter to 25mm or more. There are also self-sealed bubble mailers offering tampering security.

Bubble mailers are used to ship variety of things. Mostly, bubble mailers are used for the packaging of CD’s, DVD’s, cell phones, video games, cosmetics, jewelry, trading cards, hardware & tools, accessories. It should be pointed out that despite the fact that bubble mailers have excellent cushioning capabilities, they don’t have any stacking strength. That’s why, they are not recomended for shipping goods that can be easily crushed.

All bubble mailers are produced using a technology patented by Sealed Air, called ‘Bubble Wrap’. Bubble wrap is a technology designed to keep the air within the bubble. It was invented back in 1957 by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes. Like most other discoveries, this one also happened by accident as the two engineers were trying to create a textured plastic wallpaper.

When Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes realized the potential of their discovery, they went on to patent the technology and created the Sealed Air Corporation 1960. 47 years later, Sealed Air is still the leading company in its industry constantly innovating and providing consumers with improved materials. The bubble mailers from Sealed Air have higher initial thickness and fullness, and provide up to 30% greater protection. This is possible thanks to the new barrier layer introduced by Sealed Air, which is 100 times more resistant to the passage of air than even a thick single layer of polyethylene used by other brands.

Bubble mailers have several strong advantages over other materials for packaging. First of all, they provide better protection using less packaging material in comparison to loose fill or paper. Bubble mailers can be used multiple times and eventually be recycled, which is also an environmental benefit.

There are several main companies selling bubble mailers on the Internet – , and . processes all orders within 24 hours and have 100% money back guarantee. The bubble techonology designed by Sealed Air provides up to 30% greater protection.

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