Are you someone who loves to take photographs? Do you carry your camera everywhere whether you’re on holiday, on your way to work or walking through the backstreets of your home town? Do you think your photos are pretty good, even though you’ve no intention of becoming a professional photographer? Do you want other people to share your photos? Well they can if you create a photoblog on the internet but what’s the best photoblog template to use.

What is a photoblog, you may ask? Just as it says, it’s a blog which uses photos to communicate with blog visitors, rather than words and obviously, the potential audience is huge, with the whole of the internet at your disposal.

It takes very little time to create a photo blog, so you can easily post your pictures and keep uploading and updating whenever you have the time.. However, you do need traffic if you want people to see them and attracting visitors, other than your friends and family is quite difficult. Here are a few tips for the best photoblog template which will help you to increase the number of visitors to your photoblog

1. Selet specific photoblog software. There are free ones available if you search the internet or use a photoblog plugin for WordPress.

2. Choose from one of the photoblog themes which are readily available. This will give your site a professional look.

3. Choose a platform which has a well organised archive facility, otherwise your older photos will be quite inaccessible.

4. Make sure that your blog has an RSS feed. When you do have visitors to your site, they can subscribe to your RSS feed which will let them know when you post updates, so hopefully they’ll come back.

5. Make sure you post some information about your photos, even if it’s only a caption. Better still you can post technical details about the photos which will be of real interest to other keen photographers.

6. Make sure that comments are enabled so that visitors can ask questions or provide feedback.

7. Join a photoblog networking site. A photoblog network consists of a group of members who share web traffic and site visits among themselves. You can also get your photoblog listed which of itself attracts visitors. It’s simple to join one of these sites; you just need to fill in a form and link to the network from your photoblog and that’s it.

8. Have your photoblog listed at . This directory is often accessed by photography enthusiasts, so will provide you with traffic. If you browse around, you will also be able to visit other people’s photographic blogs, which you will doubtless be interested in.

9. Submit your site to Google and the other major search engines.

10. Submit your site to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and the many others available.

By creating photoblog, you can easily share your photos with the online world if you follow the tips above.

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