Using A Blog To Generate Leads For An Mlm Business

By now, you should have some idea of what a ?blog? is. To keep it simple, a blog is sort of an online journal ? which may include text entries called posts, videos, audio, photos and other web links.

A blog is mostly about a person’s daily experiences, however, there are blogs which cater to a wide array of the ?blogging? public ? ranging from topics like food, different crafts, health, family, politics, spirituality, books or movies ? almost anything under the sun.

Because of the immense popularity of blogging, it is being practiced by millions of online users all over the world. This popularity and the widespread awareness of blogging is now being used by business owners as a means to reach out a particular market and earn an income for their business.

‘the ABC’s of MLM?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. Many network marketers have seen the opportunity of the blog and is using it as their weapon to target a specific market.

Network marketing is a business technique used by entrepreneurs to increase their profits.

Business owners use different ways to generate leads and increase their business. If you are just starting out in business, you make use of the following ways to generate leads and increase your earnings:

1. Advertising

Google Adsense is the most popular way of generating income through blogs. Here, the blogger who posts entries on his or her web site makes use of the opportunities given by Google AdSense ads.

If, for example, you have a personal blog and there are AdSense ads related to the topic that you often write about, each ?click? on the ad posted on your blog will earn you an income from Google ? from as as low as a couple of cents to as high as hundreds of dollars a day ? depending on the amount of traffic as well as your own techniques is using Google AdSense to your advantage.

2. Article writing

Online users scourge the Internet for information. If you have a lot of articles on your web site, you can generate a lot of leads for your business.

If you can get people to personally request information from you, there is an even higher chance of you getting leads. There are also companies or service providers who can generate leads and promote your web site for you.

3. Web site building

If you have a web site for your business, you can easily optimize it to generate leads so that you can advertise, post articles and build customer rapport and interaction through message postings.

?Network Marketing Success?

The traditional method of network marketing is by spending hours on the phone calling prospects, convincing them and turning them into clients. Out of these leads that you generate, you can recruit representatives to further increase your profits from your home business.

Keeping customers happy, gaining their trust and building a strong relationship with them are just some of the things to remember with network marketing.

Once you have gathered enough leads using either purchasing or generating your own leads ? then you have to know what to do with it. There is such a thing as a ?bad lead? where you will get prospect objections and rejections.

There is a disadvantage in getting the services of a lead generation company since some of them might sell re-used leads ? which you will not get to discover until it is too late.

Also, in network marketing, it is important to learn how you can get your prospects to always say yes, instead of hearing a bunch of no’s from prospects. In addition, you need to make sure that your advertising money is worth it.

?How to Use Blogs to Generate Leads for an MLM Business?

With Internet marketing, you have to be innovative and find ways to develop a well-thought out promotional campaign.

However, you cannot predict the results. You may have an extremely profitable and successful promotional campaign one time and then completely fail the next time.

With the popularity of blogging, you can use this in expanding your business and generating leads.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur who has a small jewelry business, you can have a blog where users interested in jewelry or jewelry-making can post their comments.

Being a small-scale entrepreneur, you need to market and promote your business. You can easily do this and generate a lot of lead by having the visitors on your blog post comments and address their questions and feedbacks to you, personally.

This would not just add on to your lead but also give you a feedback of what most of your prospective customers want or need.

With the use of a client-specific blog, multi-level marketers and business owners can easily generate leads, contact prospects, turn these leads into sales and watch their profits increase.

The Power Of Passion Is A Bloggers Best Friend

As most any owner of a successful blog will tell you the power of passion makes every aspect of blogging more enjoyable. Although new business blogs seem to be constantly popping up all over the internet many do not survive because they lack the key ingredient of passion. Maintaining a blogging business is not complicated however if your ‘heart’ is not in your work if will be very difficult to succeed. For this reason and a couple others passion plays a very important role in the degree of success you will experience.

Here are 3 key attributes, which are heavily influence by passion that every blogger MUST have in order to run a successful blog.


Motivation is something you can never have too much of and most especially when you are involved in the blogging business. Working online as a blogger entails long hours of research, development and composing blog posts. In addition time should be spent on interacting with visitors who leave comments or other various tasks involved in maintaining the site. Most if not all these tasks are often done in isolation leaving you with nothing other than your own thoughts. If you are not motivated forget it!

Possessing a genuine passion for what you do makes it easy to continue forward with or without the encouragement of others.


Business blogs require more patience to develop than any other blogs since you are asking readers for not only their loyalty but also their money. This type of loyalty quite understandably will take more time to develop. Like in most any endeavor you may undertake that is worthwhile results you expect are not always the results you receive.

Having the conviction or passion for what you do makes it so much easier to ignore or work through frustrations or disappointments. By doing so you are better able to keep your focus and enthusiasm as you continue moving forward closer to your goals.


Any successful blog is measured ultimately be the quality of the content it contains. The only way to maintain good quality content is by continuing to educate yourself on the topic you blog about. Here again if you are truly passionate about your subject you will likely also possess an infinite curiosity about the material. This curiosity will continue to push you to seek new and additional information that you can share with others.

As you can see the power of passion plays a key fundamental role in the degree of success you will experience in the blogging business. Since business blogs count on their subscribers’ to make purchases their loyalty takes longer to develop. The 3 attributes we discussed here today therefore are needed in abundance in order to develop a successful blogging business. Hopefully through the discussion here today you have a better appreciation for the significant role passion plays in developing and maintaining these attributes.

How Cool Bloggers Personalize Their Blog?

The new trend of online entertainment in 2006, I can say it is Weblog. So sorry that I have not found the statistic to backup my conclusion but what are happening around me these days can prove the truth. One of my friends spend at least 15 minutes per day to find beautiful and impressive pictures and themes to decorate her personal blog and another feels totally disappointed when his new entry has no comment and even worse no visitor . You may say those are some of my friends only and it is just a particular phenomenon. That’s fine! But please visit some sites such as Myspace, Yahoo360o, Blogspot, etc. and compare the number of members today with that last week or even yesterday, you can see the difference. Prove it yourself!

Oops, maybe there are some people who feel this is a quite new so I will talk a little bit about the definition, alright? Weblog, or usually shortened to blog, is considered as a place providing commentary or news on a particular subject, such as entertainment, politics, local news and some function as more personal online diary. Let put it in a simple way, just imagine we have a notebook used as a diary and each page of the book is for each person and remember we now have an online book so the number of pages is unlimited. Some famous brand names of Weblog can be listed are: Livejournal, Blogspot, Yahoo 360o, MySpace, Mindsay, etc. A typical blog usually combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. Most blogs are primarily textual but with high creativeness, many web bloggers can make their blogs much impressive with photograph (photoblog), video (vlog) and audio (podcasting).

What are the advantages of a blog if we do not want to say it is a waste of time and even money (for Internet and electricity)? Hmm, please careful! Here is what a blogger said: ?A certificate which says you are a citizen of the 21st century?. You may say it is an exaggeration but it is now a trend, you can tell! If we have more patience, let’s have a deeper look to see more from blogs and bloggers.

Make A Distinguished Blog, Just For Fun, And More

Generally, a blog is an e-diary. Why don’t people just buy a notebook and a pen and why do they publicize their personal life and open for even strangers? I can say that is the need of a friend network, free conversation and somehow a way to show ?Me, myself and I?. Look at my friends, she has been trying to make her blog look beautiful and he has been putting effort into his writings, all for getting as many visitors as possible.

I can see the personal blogs with detailed profile, creative decoration, daily update and specific subjects such as music, movie, poem, etc. have more views. Text cannot be replaced in personal blog but now people, especially teenagers, have more ways to make their blogs more attractive. Podcasting video clips/audio clips is an example. Many young people can share music and short movie by this way. Some record their own real life with a camera and then show up. Another way is posting voice instead of typing. With a voice recorder, one person can speak to a microphone, upload audio file and then link to his/her personal blog. With the creativeness and the need to be not monotonous everyday, a very impressive blogger uploads his audio-stories with different voices to describe his different mood and emotion. Getting to know him through his personal blog with loads of audio files, I found that he has been using a Voice Changer Software which changes his real voice to many different voices and sounds (male, female and even animals). The software also changes the singer’s voice in some music files he uploaded. Sound so interesting!

Monetize A Personal Blog

I had a very interesting talk with Helen Le, Sales and Marketing manager of a software company named last week. She shared that an incredible huge number of downloads of a funny sound available on her website just happened in one day and came from a personal blog on Myspace (she added this had never happened before and even the number of download from Google could not compare). My curiosity pushed me to view that blog and a lot of new interesting things popped up in my mind. More than 1 million of visitors are in her site is a wonderful number. Should people monetize their blog?

Maybe you criticize how people can always place commerce everywhere, even in a personal room. But that is a matter of life! With the above case, if can utilize that personal blog to build traffic and get more downloads to its site, it is a simple and not costly way.

I want to end up my writing here with an interesting idea about making money with personal blog from Steve Pavlina: ?If you do decide to generate income from your blog, then don’t be shy about it. If you’re going to put up ads, then really put up ads. Don’t just stick a puny little ad square in a remote corner somewhere. If you’re going to request donations, then really request donations. Don’t put up a barely visible ?Donate? link and pray for the best. If you’re going to sell products, then really sell them. Create or acquire the best quality products you can, and give your visitors compelling reasons to buy. If you’re going to do this, then fully commit to it. Don’t take a half-assed approach. Either be full-assed or no-assed.?


Chris Martin ? Copy Writer


Blogging For Business ? Some Helpful Tips To Get You Started Profiting Today

A lot of businesses are now conducted online. With an internet business, your service or products can reach different parts of the world especially if your website can attract much traffic. In order to establish one of the best online businesses, the usage of blogging for business is of utmost importance.

You can make use of blogs in order to promote your business today and in the years to come. This is not an easy task and so you will need all the help and some tips to keep you on the right track.

Here are some useful tips that you can incorporate in your internet business:

? Back links are valuable ? to promote your business through the use of blogs, you have to give importance to back links. The blog post contents should be able to incorporate appropriate back links. By doing so, you can attract much traffic to your website in a more effective manner.

? You must learn to use the right keywords ? all the contents of your blogs should have the right or appropriate keywords. Effective blogging can also place your internet business among the top searches in the results of search engines.

? If you plan to use blogs for your internet business, you must be able to make posts regularly. If you forget to make posts, your blogs will not be very effective for your internet business. Sporadic bloggers have no place on the net and so if you want your efforts to be rewarded, make sure that you post blogs frequently.

? Your blogging efforts will be rewarded if you post frequently and if the contents are interesting. Through effective blogging, you can establish the reputation of your online business and not only that, you can shout to the world your business expertise. If you want to gain a positive reputation, make sure that you post interesting blogs that are related to your business.

Those are some simple tips that you can use for blogging. Indeed, blogging can be very useful for online business but only if you can post effective blogs.

At present, many owners of online businesses are now making use of blogs to promote their products and services. If you want to become a blogger and at the same time a successful owner of a business, try to learn how to make effective blogs.

Some say that blogs are not that hard to compose. To some individuals, it may be their way to share their personal experiences and everyday life. But according to some expert bloggers, you also need to consider the interests of the readers and online researchers. Remember that once you start posting blogs in your business’ website, you have to post frequently (at least once or twice a week) so that your customers and readers will not forget you or your business.

So what are you waiting for? Learn to make blogs now and become an effective blogger. Your business will surely benefit from the blogs that you post. If you want to learn more about effective blogging for business, you can easily conduct researches online because you can find a wealth of information there.

Blogging for business is one of the most effective means of making your business a success. Start making blogs now and you can earn more profits in the future.

If you want to read reviews about current blogging programmes, blog training courses, and automatic blog content services, then see my site details below.

How To Use Html Codes For Myspace To Change And Customize Your Profile.

If you’re looking to customize your MySpace pages and you have absolutely no idea how to code them using HTML, you can still go about it by making use of the pre-made layouts and backgrounds which are available freely on the internet. You can then use the provided HTML codes for MySpace to change and customize your profile pages.

There is no hard and fast rule saying that you must change your MySpace pages, but you know that the better you make your profile pages look, the more people who will look over it, and the more your friends and family will also be attracted to it, (if that’s what you want of course!).

And since not every one of the forty million plus members currently to be found on the MySpace pages will be able to code using HTML, the use of these readymade layouts and such can be somewhat heaven sent, to many people.

Added to that, you will find that it’s also quite simple to add these free HTML codes for MySpace, and that you can change the look of your pages quite frequently if you want to, as well. All you need to do is to follow the provided instructions on how to go about using the provided free HTML codes for MySpace, and you will be able to easily and simply place the code into the correct place.

This is normally accomplished by going through the Edit Profile section, where funnily enough, you will find that you have at your disposal everything that you need to edit, change and update your profile.

You will then be able to customize your MySpace pages using not only the HTML codes for MySpace backgrounds, and layouts, but also HTML codes for MySpace page graphics, icons and even pictures.

And if you search a little bit more you will even come across HTML codes for MySpace games, as well as HTML codes for MySpace music and music video uploads. Although the later can be accomplished quite easily if you use the music and the music videos provided on the MySpace Music pages, the HTML codes for MySpace games needs to be taken from these websites.

And after that, it’s all a hop, skip and a jump to customize your MySpace pages to reflect your personal tastes and characteristics. All of these can of course, for the most part be accomplished without having to use any of the pre-made layouts etc. and their HTML codes for MySpace, but in the long run, it can be very much easier on you to

Vibrant Myspace Backgrounds To Pimp Up Your Myspace Profile

You are able to make your MySpace backgrounds look a lot better with distinctive collections of a variety of backgrounds that can be downloaded from . The website offers you an assortment of categories in the MySpace backgrounds section, such as animated backgrounds, sports backgrounds and pink MySpace backgrounds to choose from. There is an extensive inventory comprising of over 20,000 backgrounds. You can make your Myspace background a lot more distinctive than other MySpace users? page by choosing a background that is unique and reflects your personality.

A very attractive and popular category of backgrounds is the Glitter Skull Myspace Background that is available at Doobix. It provides you with different background pictures of skulls with glitters, which is sure to add shimmer and sparkle to your Myspace profile. All you need to do is to copy the background code of your choice from the page at Doobix and get it posted on your profile.

The huge array of Myspace backgrounds available at Doobix also offers you the background color of your choice; this may be pink, red, blue, green, or any other color. Those of you who want to set a cute-looking background, can choose from any of the Girly backgrounds, Candy backgrounds, Butterfly backgrounds, Flower backgrounds, Love backgrounds or any others that suit your fancy.

At Doobix, there are also some Myspace backgrounds that are completely unique. For instance, there are the Nature backgrounds for all you nature lovers out there and Music backgrounds with pictures of unique musical equipments and symbols. The website also offers a variety of backgrounds related to various festivals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and even birthday-themed backgrounds. One of the best places to download all these stuffs and get much more Myspace backgrounds is Doobix and you can get all of them for free! Users get the option of downloading a wide range of backgrounds for their web pages and school projects as well.

Another interesting category of backgrounds available at Doobix is the Friendster backgrounds. It provides you the opportunity of getting free backgrounds for your Friendster profile. Just choose and click on the links provided and you can get a cool fresh look to your Friendster profile and make your friends jealous of it! There are innumerable kinds of backgrounds that include themes like Valentine’s Day, beaches, roses, clouds, etc.

Some of the MySpace Backgrounds offered at Doobix are very unique in nature and come in a variety of designs and colors, such as Beige backgrounds, which include more than 15 backgrounds of different patterns and shades of beige. Other Doobix specialties include Love backgrounds, from which you can get romantic graphics, to post in your profile. You can also get animated backgrounds, Nature backgrounds, Sky backgrounds, and even write backgrounds, which look really cool! By customizing your profile with all that jazz, you are sure to make your Myspace profile a reason of envy for all peers. You will be able to create your own distinguished identity on the net.

Getting Readers to Your Blog and Keeping Them Coming Back

Whether you blog for a business or just casually blog, everyone wants more readers. Bloggers have something to say, and they want people to not only listen, but also come back for more posts. If you own a business, you may blog to help promote your products or establish rapport with your customers. If you casually blog, you may want people to know that you have an interesting life.

Regardless, here are some tips for getting readers to your blog and keeping them coming back.

Promote it on social networks

Social networks are full of people who are always looking for new content. The Internet is so saturated with content that it would take multiple lifetimes to watch all the videos and read all the articles. Nevertheless, people still want to read or watch something interesting, something they can share with their friends. You should not only be sharing your blog on Twitter and Facebook, but you should also be encouraging your friends and family to share your blog with the people they know.

Register your blog with blog directories

One very effective, but not well-known, way to gaining new readers is to submit your blog to specific blog directories. Many people assume that Google and Yahoo are the only search engines that matter. However, there are search engines that are specifically designed to help people find new blogs. For example, Technorati is a very popular technology blog directory. Everyone with a tech blog submits their blog to Technorati. There are other blog directories, as well.

Create unique and dynamic content

You may be gaining hundreds of readers from organic traffic, but that means nothing if you can’t keep them coming back. The only way to do that, however, is to create unique and dynamic content. You want your readers to be engaged with what you are sharing. Most people are searching for specific answers to their questions, so find out what people are asking. Create posts that not only answer their questions, but also keep them coming back for new answers.

Additionally, it does not hurt to ask questions or create features that make your readers feel like they are a part of your blog. When people feel included, they are more likely to return.


With a little creativity, you can find hundreds of ways to gain new readers. Just remember to write what you are passionate about and knowledgeable about. Your readers will appreciate your input.

Best Photoblog Template For Traffic

Are you someone who loves to take photographs? Do you carry your camera everywhere whether you’re on holiday, on your way to work or walking through the backstreets of your home town? Do you think your photos are pretty good, even though you’ve no intention of becoming a professional photographer? Do you want other people to share your photos? Well they can if you create a photoblog on the internet but what’s the best photoblog template to use.

What is a photoblog, you may ask? Just as it says, it’s a blog which uses photos to communicate with blog visitors, rather than words and obviously, the potential audience is huge, with the whole of the internet at your disposal.

It takes very little time to create a photo blog, so you can easily post your pictures and keep uploading and updating whenever you have the time.. However, you do need traffic if you want people to see them and attracting visitors, other than your friends and family is quite difficult. Here are a few tips for the best photoblog template which will help you to increase the number of visitors to your photoblog

1. Selet specific photoblog software. There are free ones available if you search the internet or use a photoblog plugin for WordPress.

2. Choose from one of the photoblog themes which are readily available. This will give your site a professional look.

3. Choose a platform which has a well organised archive facility, otherwise your older photos will be quite inaccessible.

4. Make sure that your blog has an RSS feed. When you do have visitors to your site, they can subscribe to your RSS feed which will let them know when you post updates, so hopefully they’ll come back.

5. Make sure you post some information about your photos, even if it’s only a caption. Better still you can post technical details about the photos which will be of real interest to other keen photographers.

6. Make sure that comments are enabled so that visitors can ask questions or provide feedback.

7. Join a photoblog networking site. A photoblog network consists of a group of members who share web traffic and site visits among themselves. You can also get your photoblog listed which of itself attracts visitors. It’s simple to join one of these sites; you just need to fill in a form and link to the network from your photoblog and that’s it.

8. Have your photoblog listed at . This directory is often accessed by photography enthusiasts, so will provide you with traffic. If you browse around, you will also be able to visit other people’s photographic blogs, which you will doubtless be interested in.

9. Submit your site to Google and the other major search engines.

10. Submit your site to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and the many others available.

By creating photoblog, you can easily share your photos with the online world if you follow the tips above.

Google Blog Money – The Money-Making Way to Do Blog Marketing

Blogs or network logs are superb way to achieve blog marketing. For instance one of the peak things on the internet, it’s quite take home with the intention of blogs are single of the a large amount superb ways to see to marketing strategies. While blogs provide a take home platform in support of users to dispatch almost everything with the intention of comes to their mind, it’s undoubtedly exalted in support of literature, journaling, and even promoting in support of your own payback.

It sounds a little smidgen complicated but in reality there are a number of superb tips you may possibly accomplish as a good inauguration on behalf of your brand-new blog, especially if you are willing to achieve a quantity of blog marketing strategies. Google loves blogs and is a remarkable way to advertise and promote your blog, allowing you the possibility to bring in some magnificent Google blog money. While generally persons apply their blogs to carry out their own private needs, writing all they require like their own secret diary, you may possibly proceed to the next level by empowering your copy into something more beneficial and we are ready to give out the effortless path to attain those goals.

1. Conquer your own blog. Explore all doable features and research lots of the others blogs. Do a search in Google and observe how other lucrative bloggers are creating their blogs. This won’t simply result on a basic understanding with reference to the essential functions, but a small make contacts and even relationships with the other bloggers. For the elementary count you may possibly enter with reference to physically, your motivation, and your purposes. Therefore, your additional contacts may possibly read and understand more with reference to you whilst they visit your locate.

2. The fairylike power of the word FREE. Equally you foresee, using a blog to accomplish those marketing process towards your visitors will cost you a reduced amount of money if compared with a regular website. During a large amount cases, you don’t even have to shell out something to jot down as you like in your blog. Different with the majority other websites, blog communities will give you FREE services and furthermore FREE readers. These two factors will clearly bring your blog into a thriving one if you keep writing and offering valuable information all the way through your site. Google values significant, quality content and will reward you on behalf of your marketing hard work.

3. Remain reliable. In order to be triumphant and develop top status in Google and bring in money with your blog. The basic attitude to execute the blog marketing is the concept of being in charge towards your own journalism. It’s very distinctive with nearly all diaries since you will grow more serious as you maintain the other motivations to keep up with your blog. Being a trustworthy person will as well devote you the trust from your readers. Also promoting and advertising helpful products in your blog will allow you to create some pretty Google blog money and benefit from the fruits of your labor.

4. One is not sufficient, but you are not solitary. Soon afterward you succeed to build up a blog, you will understand that one is not sufficient. You may possibly assemble an additional blog but you should keep the same regularity by keeping your eye on both of them. If you think that you don’t bear sufficient time but you know that your blog is ready to generate lots of money, try to compute how much you possibly will squander in support of a licensed writer. By hiring a proficient writer, you may possibly acquire those contents you are searching for with a proper rate.

5. Consistency is not that tough. Many persons trying to keep their reliability and irrevocably failed since they don’t include sufficient purposes and motivations. If you give rise to a precise function you aspire to achieve by developing your own blog, it’s not tough to develop into regular. Google Blog Money marketing is as well about constancy since readers will know that you are serious an adequate amount of in this industry.

Blog And Boost Your Search Engine And Rss Traffic

One of the more recent secrets people are using to get their websites in the search engines, the last couple of years, is with Blogs. Blogs are short for web logs and are like daily dairies on the web. Blogs started out as ways for Internet reality types to share their lives with other people on the web, without having to learn very complicated web design applications like Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage. Dreamweaver, the standard professional web design program takes a least 6 months to master. While FrontPage on the other hand looks a lot like Microsoft Word, and therefore can be used a bit more quickly by people just starting out. Blogs are much easier to use than any web design software. They can be used to change web content from a browser, email, and even simple desk top software. Blogs are web pages created with automated software that date stamps all changes to content. One of the secrets the web marketers use to get their new websites into the major search engines like (Google – Yahoo! and MSN) is called blog and ping. So many Internet fortunes are being built on this simple you want your new website to be indexed (or included in the search engine database) you shouldn’t submit it to the search engines — instead you should blog and ping.

There is a new feature with Google and Yahoo known as sitemaps, which will also get your site indexed, but most of us will do fine with learning first to blog and ping. Blogs index and file your web pages automatically according to the way you specify in advance. Google loves blogs and has its own web based application called Blogger. You can set up a Blogger account for free at . You should use Blogs for your business to give updates to your customers and supporters every few days on your company’s news or inside information. You can also reflect on industry trends with your business blog. What’s nice about blogs if you want to get your site in the search engines or keep the search engines up to date with your latest optimization or content efforts. You can post your new website or page to your blog page and link to that page. The search engines will visit the blog page more frequently and index your new pages or web sites some times in a day or two. Also make sure when you post a new blog in you set up your account to ping (or notify) the other major blog directories that your blog has been updated. Or if you want to get your new site into Google go to a high ranked blog listed in Google. If the Blog allows comments give a good comment on the blog. Then link back to the page you want indexed in the Blog. Make sure you give a worth while or useful comment or it will be considered blog spam by the website administrators. Sometimes blog publishers disable the comment feature for this reason, therefore it is important to have your own blogs especially if you have more than one site.

This will get the Google spider to index your new sites or web pages within a few days and consider your site for its database given the criteria of its you are looking for a fast, inexpensive and efficient way to build a lot of content on your site, which the search engines will pick up, go to Blogger and open up a free blogging account and join the blogosphere.- The Love Affair between the Search Engines, Blogs and RSSI have been extolling the SEO benefits of Blogs since almost two years ago. Although blogs and search engines don’t seem to enjoy the free for all love affair they once had, the search engines and blogs seem to still be married ‘for better or for worst’.The romance and infatuation phase between search engines and blogs has waned because of blog spam. However search engines dare not divorce blogs because they tend to cook up regularly updated content.Blogs are also search engine friendly in design. As publishers we love blogs because it is an easy way for us to update our sites with new content.

Many top marketers are extolling about the power of blogs and their natural extension RSS feeds. Almost every successful Internet Marketers today is using some variation of blogs and RSS feeds.Everywhere you go the web gurus are talking about the great upside potential of blogs and RSS. RSS for the purpose of discussing this issue stands for Really Simple is presently being used by Internet marketers to share their blog headlines with websites and desktops all over the world. Think of RSS as giving you the ability to blog without boundaries.People on other websites and with downloadable RSS newsreader software can read your newest blog posts without visiting your site. Sites that value your expertise will in a viral fashion feature your RSS feeds and help generate traffic to your site. This allows you to leverage traffic from other peoples sites who feature your blog. Moreover, your subscribers who read your RSS headlines on their desktop software will avoid email filters.Before you explore or upgrade to RSS marketing experiment with desktop newsreaders like Tristana or News Gator. If you prefer to read RSS from your browser download and install Mozilla’s FireFox Browser. RSS feeds will be the next phase in Internet marketing following the search engines, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and joint ventures. By having people subscribe to your blog’s RSS feeds, or having them syndicated on other people’s websites you will be getting a running start on the explosion in blog and RSS marketing once Internet Explorer integrates RSS into its browser.