Profitmatic Is A Fairly New Mlm Downline Builder

PROFITmatic is a fairly new MLM downline builder that was started by Kevin DeBellefeuille and Scott Wacker.

PROFITmatic is known for having a suite of online marketing tools that allow you to create your own lucrative revenue sharing program through the use of a free domain name website, banners, pop-up ads, forms, autoresponders, buttons, and menus.

I was first attracted to this program because it gave me a 99-cent/day trial for a week. It advertised that I needed no programming experience and that I did not have to download any new software to use their marketing tools. There are six levels in the downline that you ideally want to succeed your way through. You earn commissions when new members purchase PROFITmatic’s programs and an additional commission for every sale made by other members in your personal downline.

On the first level you earn $7.50-$15.00 a month based on your personal sales. On the second level you earn $4.00 as long as your referral code is entered when the new person signs up. On the third level you earn 50% of the bonuses earned by your personal referrals. The forth level is where the Roll-up Bonuses are gained. If you can make it this far you are qualified to receive $15.00/sale and you also get the people under you to pay you their $7.50/sale. The forth level is hard to reach but very much desired. The fifth and sixth levels aren’t even important. They just categorize you in a Leadership Pool and give you points determined by the number of sales you have made and which one of those people are still actively doing their own selling. PROFITmatic makes the process sound like it could happen overnight. For me, this was defiantly NOT the case!

Soon, I found out I was not the only one to take advantage of the week long trial. Most people quit at the end of the week once they realized it would be a $60 initial fee and then an additional $40/month. I had a lot of traffic flow for the first 7 days but less than 30% of my referrals stayed active. After things remained slow for me for nearly two months I gave up my investment time with PROFITmatic. It was not making me enough money to keep my interest.

I think PROFITmatic does work for the people who have enough patience to pursue the process for a long amount of time. I don’t doubt that those on the top of the MLM pyramid scheme are wealthy, but starting out on the bottom can be a tough and long process, especially with PROFITmatic’s high turnover rate.

If You Had The Knowledge Of What A Drop Ship Business Was, You Would Definitely Want To Set It Up.

ho wouldn’t be happy to become a millionaire over the internet? Anyone in the world can sell via auction websites, such as eBay, but creating a successful online business on your own is a much more difficult proposition. Unsold inventory takes up space and doesn’t make you any money. The last thing that you want to do is to go into a situation blindly where business men can take advantage of you. Ideally you will have a drop ship business and an online wholesale directory with suppliers that have been screened and deemed to be trustworthy.

When you operate a drop-shipping business, you won’t need to warehouse any of the products you sell. Think about it. You have a great sales presentation that impresses and delights the buyer and earns you a sizable profit. What do you do then? Do you set a paper trail in motion and have the guys at the warehouse dig the item out, parcel it up and send it off?

No sir! We’ll have none of that! It is not a requirement for you. The supplier sends the item to the buyer without dealing with a middle man. You do not even need to place a stamp on the envelope. The only thing for you to do was close the sale. With the Internet, its simple to earn a profit from the comfort of your home.

However, it’s never quite that simple, is it? There are a number of questions that can arise that may make you feel like giving up before you’ve begun. How can you stay on top of the latest trends? Imagine you could gather all the statistical information from sales on eBay? Will the products you promised actually be delivered? How can you know? But how can you be certain than you will not be ripped off by these suppliers who are on the other side of the planet?

And here is where the wholesaler enters the picture. They manage all the details and fine print.

Imagine you could gather all the statistical information from sales on eBay. In that way, you would know where your sales are and what is not selling. This told you about the range of prices the product was selling for, and in which countries it was, or was not, a popular item. You may be able to see the spot in the market where your business could slip in.

Wouldn’t that be terrific? But many people ask where is the time?

This is the job of the wholesaler! Also, you will be provided with a list of worldwide, reputable suppliers who will be checked and verified. By following step by step instructions, you can participate in a forum and chat with others who have had the same experiences and can give advice. In addition to that, they have a money back guarantee!

It’s very true! What more could they do for you?

You are not alone! This opportunity is tantamount to having a team of experts surrounding you and coaching you and your business to success. These individuals will be able to help you avoid a lot of mistakes. You can have a big business on a small budget with drop selling and online wholsalers.

And, your size after that is going to be completely up to you!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been tempted to set up an online company ‘ even if we had no idea what we would sell ‘ but the practicalities, the contacts, the storage, the guidance and the security aspects have always made it a daunting prospect. A drop sell business makes all these issues non-existent, allowing you to concetrate on becoming a millionaire!.

List Building: How To Build A Highly Receptive

Tillman Knudson has created a multi-million Internet business teaching others how to build a highly receptive email opt-in list and a key component to his success is teleseminars. .Knudson’s was mainly successful in starting businesses. Over an eight year period he started no less than eight businesses all of which, in his own words, “failed sadly”. However, this did not deter him.

One of his handicaps is that he is suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. Knudson describes himself as being highly creative and having loads of weird ideas. At the same time, he finds it difficult to focus on one thing. In the past, he always wanted to do his own thing and this almost led to financial wreck.

He attained a measure of success with hypnotherapy. He describes himself as a “incredible hypnotherapies” and built a business that saw him working with 12-14 clients a day, six days a week for one to one and half hours at $75 per hour. However, he was exchanging his time for money and there are only so many hours in a day. Ironically, even although on one level this business was thriving, he was still stressed to pay his rent and was in debt.

Knudson knew he had to make some radical changes to the manner in which he conducted business and turned to Internet Marketing. He also decided to focus on list building because he noticed that this topic was a returning theme in much of the marketing material that he was receiving.

Bob Proctor says that if your goals do not excite you as well as scare you then you haven’t set yourself a goal that is worthy of you. Knudson had no problem with this. He set himself the audacious goal of getting one million subscribers in six months or less. He felt this goal would excite his subscribers as well as get the attention of a few JV (Joint Venture) partners.

He identified a list of potential JV partners and offered them a proposal. The first scenario were not as established as those he would later approach and they just laughed at him and told him that it couldn’t be done. Who could blame them? Knudson wasn’t exactly approaching this challenge from a position of strength. Knudson had no product plus he:

He was turned down 63 times before he received his first heavyweights such as Joe Vitale and Jay Abraham agreed to come on board others followed suit. It is ironic that those who agreed to support him were more accomplished Internet Marketers than those who originally rejected him. Perhaps they had greater vision than the initial naysayer or may be the long string of rejections enabled Knudson to refine his pitch. No matter, he was up and running.

However, it certainly wasn’t plain sailing. He persuaded seven other individuals to work with him on a percentage basis and work they did. They were putting in 30-50 hour weeks and bringing in about $10,000 per month of which 70% went to Knudson’s partners and the remainder was ploughed back into the business to pay for systems such as Instant Audio, Ask Database and further education, all of which helped the business to run more efficiently.

A major turning point came when Knudson took Alex Man Ossian’s Teleseminar Secrets mentoring program. Halfway through the program he made just by following through on all of the action points.

Going through one training program at a time, very, very thoroughly and implementing every single technique, every single tactic, every single thing that you had to implement.”

An interesting footnote to this case study is that Tell man Knudson didn’t achieve his target of one million subscribers but do you think he cares? He is now a highly respected Internet Marketer known for his proficiency in list building. His business turns over seven figures annually something which he attributes to the power of teleseminars.

and Tell man Knudson has achieved the best of both worlds.

What Every Home Based Business Needs Is Traffic

What every home base business needs if it wants to survive is traffic. No matter how good the product or products you will need to sell them. You may have an excellent website. Websites only work if they have traffic. Most promoters of any work from home opportunity are going to want to sell their products, becoming good leaders that build a team.

Network marketing is a great industry. It offers great rewards to those who are successful. However, being a seasoned network marketer there are many pitfalls. The fact is that 97% of people who try to earn an income in this industry fail. My passion is to point you in the right direction, so that you will be in the 3% that succeed. So how can traffic be generated? There are many ways to generate traffic. I have found tried and tested methods that bring success in promoting yourself as a leader, marketer and team builder.

There are lots of tools on the market that will offer you ways of generating that traffic. I have tried many of them in the past and lost time and money. I firstly list below some methods I would recommend you not do use:

I have shown the things that I have learnt as a seasoned network marketer that I have found do not work. Let me now show you how I became successful. It starts with you. You need to become an expert, someone who can help and advise others. One need not worry about making mistakes. There is a phrase, a person who did not make a mistake made nothing. You need to become a leader who can guide your team. To become a good leader one of the best ways to show leadership to your down-line is to demonstrate how quick it is to sell the product (s) and build a team. I list below the methods that gained me success:

Once you start to taste success of selling your product (s) building a team and starting increasing your income it is the start of enjoying freedom. You to be in full control of your life. Finally you will have the income that is needed. All this is possible, by following these simple steps. That first step to advertise your traffic, which can be found in the link in the toolbox below. I am always available for further help support. I make myself available for others so please feel free to email me on this email address with any questions you may have; sambrookandpaulwaters@. My best wishes to your success.

Step By Step Guide To Starting Your Internet Business Part I

What you are about to read… is likely to change your life forever. My life has changed since the moment I decided to start my own internet business and eventually quit my day job as an engineer.

However, starting an internet business requires the same amount of effort as any real offline business. The only different between the two is the amount of start up capital. Starting an online internet business can be done with as little as $200 if you do it right. It cost me around $8,000 to realize the steps I need to start my own internet business and this article aims to share with you the steps I used to start mine.

1) Decide on a Market

The first thing you need to do is to research for a market or niche you are interested in. It is even better if it is one which is related to what you are passionate with. Do not worry whether there is a market for the niche you have selected because there are a lot of marketers out there who are making big buck with strange niche. One example is a website which is teaching people how to keep an iguana. The website actually makes six figure sales every year. This is because the internet is so huge that there are almost substantial markets for any niche you can think of. So start to brainstorm what is it you are really interested in now.

2) Search For Products

Once you have decided on the niche you are going into. There are two options available for you regarding the product. You can either start to create a product of your own or you can ride on the products available in those affiliate programs. Affiliate products are those that are already tool up by other marketers. All you have to do is to promote the products on your website and then get a commission for every product sold through you. A good place you can search for affiliate products is

Read the Part II article on this topic for more detail.

But remember this: The key to being successful in your internet marketing business lies in your ability to generate traffic to your site. Once you manage to master the skill to traffic generation, you will be able to achieve success in any niche you enter.

Read This Before You Buy Wealthy Affiliate

If you are thinking about Internet Marketing and buying Wealthy Affiliate then its not an easy decision as there are so many get rich quick schemes out there! Fortunately this is not one and if you decide to buy wealthy affiliate and get a membership then it will be the bestr decision you make. Before you decide though read on…..

To buy a membership in Wealthy Affiliate is actually an easy one to make. The membership allows for one stop shopping in order for you to become successful as an Internet marketer. If you really break down all the services involved in a wealthy affiliate membership then you can see the value.

With a membership you can many of the same tools and services you see scattered all throughout the Internet. For instance Wealthy Affiliate allows you to have a customized link tracker in order to find out what links are actually leading to sales and conversions. This service alone is worth the cost of the membership as I have seen a similar service advertised for the same monthly price. As well you have access to an active member forum which allows you to share your knowledge and learn from others. On top of that there is a new service that has been recently released to all members of the Wealthy Affiliate website. This new service is called NicheQ and with this service you can find profitable niches that perhaps you have never even considered. With the NicheQ part of the Wealthy Affiliate website you can get a head start on building profitable websites that will propel your profits far into the future.

In my opinion everyone should buy Wealthy Affiliate as it is clearly a no brainer. There simply is no other website or service out there that offers so much value for such a little price.

If you should decide to buy Wealthy Affiliate you may never have to buy another book on the subject of Internet marketing again. This alone is worth the price of admission in my opinion. There are literally thousands of books out on the Internet on how to get really wealthy with Internet marketing and many of their techniques are just plain wrong or out of date. With a Wealthy Affiliate membership you always get the most up to date information at any one time. This can be a real life saver and it will certainly help save your wallet from bleeding more money.

The benefits of learning how to be successful at Internet marketing are numerous but the learning curve for many is just too steep. That is because there is just too much false information out there. You can trust Wealthy Affiliate as this website has been around for a while and its reputation is well known. Start learning from the experts and you will become an expert yourself.

Building A Strong Online Presence For Your Organization

Almost everyone is online these days. We use the internet for everything from talking to friends, playing games, watching videos to shopping and looking up information. Whether you run an offline business or an online store, your business can reap significant benefit from being visible to this large audience of web users. You can use the internet to promote and sell your products and services to customers. Even if you run a non-profit organization, internet is still the most effective medium for disseminating information and connecting with your target audience. By having a strong online presence, customers will literally find you within 2 clicks from opening their web browsers.

Strengthening your online presence is about making it easier for people to find you and making the experience more engaging to maximize the conversion rate.

Your own website

If you have the budget you should always start with setting up your own website, which will act as the official online destination for all the information on your organization, your products and services. You should always try and give your own website a beautiful design as it is a direct reflection on your organization. Utilize images and videos to create an engaging and fun user experience. Minimize cluster and make sure the navigation system is easy to find and use. Users don’t like waiting for a page to load so you should always avoid using large images and flash animations unless absolutely necessary. Your own website should have all your contact information clearly displayed. It should have at least your contact address, phone number and email address.

Online Directories

There are many online directories designed to help people find local business. You may find niche directories dedicated to the industry your organization operates in. They are particular useful for people looking for a specific type of product or service. There are also many general business directories. These directories are usually free for organizations to create an online profile. By creating more profiles, more potential customers will be able to find you.

Social Networks

Social networks are websites where people like to hang out, catch up with their friends and share news and updates. Many social networks allow businesses to create profiles that can be used to publish photos, events, news updates and interact directly with people interested in their products and services. It is a great tool for creating exposure and generating sales leads.

Although managing your online presence can take up a lot of time, the results will be worth it. You will be able to generate more awareness for your organization than traditional advertising channels at a fraction of the costs.

Adwords Management – Using E-mails

Use e-mail correctly, and your customers will stick around three times longer. It’s the most personal online medium there is. With it you can sell to your customers again and again by building trust and creating an entire business around your own unique personality.

Discussions about AdWords are not complete without talking about how to make a lasting relationship out of that costly fraction-of-a-second click. When a person clicks on your Google ad, you are charged fifty cents no matter what happens next. If that person stays on your page less than 5 seconds, he is out of there and you most likely won’t see him again without another costly click.

Holy Cow! At fifty cents for 5 seconds of his time, that figures out to be six hundred dollars an hour. That could depress you if you look at it that way. But, if you can get this guy’s email address, you can have correspondence with him regularly for no significant additional cost. If you have a One thousand dollar item to sell what is more likely for you to get from him: a One thousand dollar order or his email address?

The more complex your sales process, the more important it is to break it up into bite-sized steps.

The Power Of Your E-Mail Lies In Being Personal

Run-of-the-mill advertisers have little respect for the personal nature of e-mail. They don’t realize how easy it is to turn off otherwise receptive prospects to their message, just by violating that.

You need to write to the person as one person. Unless the person you’re writing to is part of a group where he or she personally knows each of the other members, then the last thing you want to do is write as though you’re talking to a crowd. Talk to your customer, an individual.

1. Show You are a Real Person in Your “From” Field

If a personal approach works for the actual text of your e-mail messages, chances are that same principle will apply to other details in your e-mail. Such as your “from” field, for example. Consider the different impressions these “from” lines create:

Bill Kastl

William Kastl

William Kastl

Nakatomi Corporation

William D. Kastl, Nakatomi Corporation

Nakatomi Sales Department

Bill Kastl, Nakatomi Sales

You want to be warm and personal without looking like spam. This is a challenge because spammers are themselves always trying to make their messages look like they’re from some forgotten old friend. The key is to say something that is so specific to their particular interests they know no spammer would ever come up with it.

Select a from field that will cement your customers to you.

2. An Intriguing Subject Line

The key aspect of email is that the success or failure of it is all about settings. The subject line of your e-mail works not because they adhere to copywriting rules and formulas, but because it highlights the particular interests of a specific set of people at the right time.

If I were to show you ordinary samples of email subject lines, it would be virtually impossible for them not to sound like spam. So lets get a specific subject that you will understand: Google AdWords

* When Google is NOT the Best Way to Get a Customer

* Are Google Employees Spying on You?

* Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ and all that

* Five Insidious Lies About Selling On The Web

These are no cheep sounding promotional that stab at the recipient, rather they suggest that there is a story to be told, making the reader want to find what that story is.

The Ultimate Marketing Secret – People Buy On Emotions, Not Logic

Emotions are the gateway to making a buying decision. People buy on emotion and then they justify it with logic.

Even people who insist they buy logically or based on features do so because that’s what makes them feel better. Therefore, appeal to their emotions first and foremost. Benefits are the language of emotion; Features are the language of logic.

I often meet people who will insist that they only ever buy on logic. There’s a big difference in what people say and what they do! If it was true that everyone only bought using logic, they would all be driving Skoda’s!

One of the common problems many companies have translating their product or service features into benefits is that they are “looking at the label from the inside of the bottle,” in the words of best-selling author and ad guru Roy H. Williams. “In other words, because they know too much about their businesses, they often assume that others, too, not only want to know them but also should know them. These companies all their spend time (and money) “assuming.”

Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak

The Steak: Here’s another example to illustrate my point:

“This ring features a 1.4 carat, pear-shaped cut white diamond with an SI1 clarity grade and an H colour rating…..”….. What ?

Unless you’re a gemologist that’s just complete nonsense

The Sizzle: Here is what will sell diamonds better:

“Imagine that special evening when you gently slip this on her finger and stare intensely into her eyes. She peers at this symbol of your devotion, the promise of your future together, and tears begin to glisten. An adoring smile spreads across her face, and at that moment your love is sealed forever.”

Ok, I know I’m pushing it here but you get the point!

Every ad, email, website, sales letter must pull one or more of the 7 main emotional strings that make people buy.

1. Love

2. Hate

3. Greed

4. Guilt

5. Pride

6. Fear

7. Envy

Use these emotions to weave around your sales pitch and tap into the thoughts and feelings that are going on inside peoples head and guts. The things that irritate them, keeps them awake at night, makes them angry, happy, proud or sad.

This applies to EVERY business, industry, product or service. It doesn’t matter if you are selling diamond rings, plumbing service, carpet cleaning, toilet cleaning, engineering equipment or what ever.

Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak, sit back and let them beat a path to your door.

10 Secrets To Highly Converting Landing Pages

You may have great online marketing campaigns that have always met your expectations in terms of delivering results. Yet you are still not seeing a significant increase in sales from these visitors coming from your campaigns. Why so? Try to change your focus and look at your landing pages instead. If your landing pages are not effective at all, it doesn’t matter how many visitors you get in a day. You will not get the desired conversions unless you do something about your landing pages.

Your landing pages are very vital to the success of your site. High conversion rates result from having a well-written page that your visitors will see as soon as they click on your ads. So how do successful sites do it? The rest of this article covers 10 tips that will help you to develop highly converting landing pages.

1. Continuous Flow

Everything that has something to do with your product or offer should match. The keywords used on the ads that you placed on your marketing campaigns and on the landing page itself need to be consistent. This would ensure that your visitors will not have any doubt at all that they are on the right page pertaining to the ad that they clicked. There will be no room for them to get confused. Continuity in all of your marketing materials will help visitors quickly decide whether to take your offer or not.

2. Customized Landing Pages

Highly converting landing pages deliver their messages straight to the point. Each landing page only focuses on a single offer. Any other products offered by the website, as a whole, are showcased in separate landing pages with different keywords and campaign strategies.

For example, a company offering discounts on electronic gadgets such as iPod, iPhone, and Nokia N-series phones had a specific adword campaign for their 50% discount offer on iPhones. A well-written landing page for this ad is one that specifically talks about the iPhone offer, its benefits and a clearly labeled call to action. Discount offers on other gadgets are not included in this landing page as these will only serve as distractions to visitors.

3. Adding Relevant Images

Visitors get more engaged when they see images around the page that are relevant to the offer. An image is one of the first things that catches their attention and make them stay. This is especially beneficial to those people who do not have much time to read the entirety of your landing page text. By seeing an image that encapsulates the offer and displays a picture of the product, it helps them make decisions quickly.

In the earlier example, the landing page for the iPhone offer will be more enticing if there are photos of the iPhone included in the page. Be cautious, though, with the amount of images you include in your landing page. It should be proportional to the length of the text in your landing page.

4. Captivating Headlines

The first thing that will be noticed in a landing page, or in any website for that matter, is the headline. Your headline should be able to immediately capture your audience’s attention as soon as they read it. In a few words, your landing page headline should say what you are offering. A great headline is compelling and strong enough to keep the visitors reading through the body of the landing page.

5. Unique Content

Once you?ve already grabbed the attention of your visitors with your catchy headline, the body of your landing page should be able to follow through and keep the visitors reading and, ultimately, make them take action. The landing page text should be unique, not copied from another page with similar offer. It should state the features and benefits of your product. The landing page text need not be lengthy; as long as it is already able to fully answer the question ?Why should I take this offer- then you don’t have to elaborate any further.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Other than your ad campaigns, it will also be a big help if you gain more exposure. One way to do this is to ensure that your landing page is optimized for search engines and aim to land on the top search results page for the keywords that you used for your landing page. The previous point, having a unique content, is one way to optimize the page. In conjunction with that, the keywords used in the landing page should be placed strategically all throughout the text. Your body should have the right keyword density and placement, but it should still be able to convey the message and serve its purpose.

Another way to keep your landing page optimized for search engine is to ensure that it only contains relevant content. Since the main goal of your landing page is to make visitors convert, if you can have a simple HTML based website that will be able to serve its purpose, then so be it. Pages that load fast have better chances of getting higher page rank.

7. Effective Call to Action

Having a great headline, introduction and body on your landing page will be useless if you don’t match it with a great conclusion ? the call to action (CTA). This is the turning point of your landing page, hence, it should be effective in leading your visitors to take action. Call to action links or buttons should be very visible to the eye. Size matters in your CTA; the bigger it is, the better. Your CTA buttons should be placed strategically all over the page. If your landing page needs scrolling to go through the very bottom of the page, make sure that there are CTA buttons before each fold. Also, CTA buttons placed in the middle of the page easily catches the attention of the visitors.

Other than size and positioning, your CTA button should also have a clear and specific label based on what you want your visitors to do. Some examples of a clear CTA are ‘sign up for a FREE Newsletter,? ?Claim your FREE Sample NOW,? ‘try it for 30 days.?

8. User-friendly Forms

Landing pages are more effective when forms are designed to the user’s advantage. Your forms should only ask for relevant information and never ask for sensitive information from customers. Whenever possible, auto-populate some fields to make it much easier for the visitor to fill out.

9. Professional Design

The design of the landing page also plays a big factor. Having a professional design builds credibility of the product and of the site. Visitors tend to trust these types of landing pages more, and end up taking their offer, hence, conversion for the site.

10. Have a Safety Net

It is a given that more than 90% of your visitors will not take the offer the first time they visit the page. However, there might be a good percentage of them who are interested but are just not ready to buy at the time of their visit. There is a chance that these visitors will convert to paying customers once they are given more information. If they don’t want to buy your product just yet, have them sign up for your newsletter, if you have one. With this, you will be able to get their email address and use it to send follow up letters. If you have a Twitter account, you can have them follow you if they seek more information. If they are genuinely interested and once they get the information that they need, it is highly likely that they will take the desired action in just a short period of time.

Creating an effective landing page doesn’t happen overnight. It needs a lot of research and testing on your part. Use those highly converting landing pages as your guide and identify which technique works best for your site.