Zend or Yii? Find Answer to This Pressing Conundrum Here!

In the present day and time, PHP is a brilliant web and application development technology, which has made available a number of frameworks for the developers to avoid having to develop the applications from the scratch and leverage from the predefined libraries and methodologies made available in this platform.

Below, we have taken into account two of the amazing PHP based web application development skeletal structures – Zend and Yii. While Yii is a relatively younger and quicker platform for developing websites, Zend is reliable, mature and has the wherewithal to support any large scale web application.

Now let us have a detailed look into the nature and attributes of these two development platforms:

Zend Framework:

First up, we shall discuss various advantages and disadvantages of the Zend framework:


Zend application development enjoys the status of being a standard in the industry.

The life cycle of applications based on this technology is pretty much awesome, so to speak, and a zend development company is able to offer lifetime support, owing to the reputation and performance levels of this platform.

Various developers find it easy to adopt and work around with Zend, as compared to other platforms.

It is a well tested environment which has reduced the number of bugs and errors to a bare minimum. Same cannot be said about the Yii platform though.


But enough of the advantages, now let us consider a few disadvantages of this platform as well:

The learning curve is quite steep, for the size of this platform is pretty huge. Owing to the same reason, even the libraries are pretty complex and demanding.

This platform does not have its focus on the speeding the development process, which at times annoys and tests the patience of the developers.

Yii Framework:

And now, let us cover the essentials of Yii Framework


Yii Framework development, with its due stress upon the rapit application development environment, is the best choice for developers who are looking for a speedy and time saving solution. Perhaps the biggest advantage that Yii development has over Zend is its time saving attribute.

In addition to the above mentioned point, Yii is pretty much easy to learn, pretty swift to work around with and very light weighed.

As compared to Zend, it offers better integration of permissions. These permissions and filters are integrated into models, models then integrate into forms, and finally, an assortment of forms provides us with views.


Yii lacks the experience and reliability of Zend platform, since it is comparatively younger.

Owing to the same reason, there is a limit to the extent of references, resources, tips, tricks and tutorials that are available with regards to Yii, as compared with Zend.

And End Note

Different frameworks correspond to different purpose in general and while it will not be correct on our part to choose one framework over the other, we can always learn more about the platform and discover which one is more suited to go with our style of work and expectations from the desired applications.

Going Small the Art of the Mobile Website

You’re rolling out your new website. Maybe you slaved over it for hours, teaching yourself HTML as you went, or maybe you spent a lot of money on a very talented designer who gave you exactly what you wanted. Either way, you’re looking at it on your computer and it looks gorgeous. Why, you’re so proud that when you go out to lunch, you pull out your phone to show it to your friends.

And suddenly it doesn’t look so great anymore. Maybe it’s all squished, or maybe it’s just unreadably small. Either way, you’re disappointed and possibly the laughingstock of your friends.

Luckily, this fate can be avoided. Mobile website development is an important but often-overlooked part of having a killer website. Some simple planning can ensure that your website looks as good on a phone or tablet as it does on your desktop computer or laptop.

Be Aware

Awareness is the first key to good design. You have to know that it’s going to look different on your phone before you can worry about whether it looks good on your phone. The good news is you may already have figured this out if you’re researching mobile website development.

Fix It Up

The second step is deciding what to do about it. If you use a content management platform like WordPress or Weebly, it can be as simple as enabling a mobile theme for your site. WordPress in particular makes this very simple because you can install a mobile theme as easily as you can a regular theme. If you went to a professional designer for your website, you should contact him or her. Making your website work on mobile browsers may be a simple matter of adding a stylesheet or making a few small changes in the code. As the designer if they’re not aware the site doesn’t meet your standards, they can’t change it. Mobile website development is important for professionals too.

Tweak It

If you designed your website yourself, you may not be sure what to do next. If you don’t want to ask your friends to check your website out on their phones, there are various websites that will mimic a mobile browser setting for you, allowing you to see what your website would look like. Then you simply need to do what you did to make it look so good in the first place: tweak the code until your website is a thing of beauty and joy, and then show it off.

PHP Development Tools That Can Make You a Better Developer

If you are looking to become a better developer its not just getting better at PHP development itself that you need to concentrate on. Certainly you need to study, learn and develop your actual development skills, but you also need to look at the ways that you carry out projects and fulfill client needs and objectives. Luckily, PHP is such a prominent web technology that a multitude of tools have been created to give further help and assistance to developers and make them become better at what they do. These tools should never be substituted for real PHP development UK practice, but they can have a really positive impact on development projects and make you a better developer in return.

A Framework

A framework is what we consider to be the most useful PHP development tool, no serious developer should be without one! There are actually two different types of frameworks that are largely available to use in PHP development. The first type of framework that can make PHP development UK easier to manage is a Content Management System framework. Although in previous years CMS only really had a single purpose, today’s systems can actually be considered frameworks due to their versatility and the ability to improve their functions with add ons and extensions. Although you will have to learn how to utilize them (although for an experienced developer this wont be a problem since many CMS systems operate in the same way) if you are creating similar projects for clients, such as websites and web applications, these systems can be more than beneficial.

The second type of framework available to improve PHP development is a generic development and programming framework, such as CakePHP or ZendFramework. There are actually various different types of frameworks available, and the best developers tend to specialize in no more than three of four of them in order to effectively manage and carry out their projects. Like other tools, generic programming frameworks can have their inherent weaknesses, but provided they are understood and used effectively they can get projects up and running very quickly.

Testing and Debugging Tools

The testing and debugging processes that follow in the event of problems during a development project are just as important, if not more important, than the actual building processes and like the other processes they too can be improved and simplified with well chosen tools. Any developer using PHP should be more than familiar with the concept of Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (so let’s not waste space talking about them here!) and there are two tools designed to improve this that developers can use – PHPUnit or SimpleTest.

Debuggers can easily be considered as the most useful tool a developer can have, and no development server should be without one. The best debugging tools, such as dbg, xdebug and Zend Debug, give developers the functions that they need to break down their code quickly and easily and find problems at any point during a development process.

Database and Code Management Tools

Any developer considering more advanced PHP development UK work needs to get hold of database and coding tools such as an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) tool and Version Control System, particularly if working with larger databases. Databases by their very nature will expand and grow too large to be managed without a tool like an ERD (MySQL’s Workbench is a great one to try). ERDs can help developers visualize and structure their databases, and they help keep these complex development projects straight and organized.

Version Control Systems, such as CVS, SVN or Git, will also help developers protect their projects by securing their code. Keeping code in a VCS at any point in a project will ensure that developers are saved from the effects of crashing hard drives and any unnecessary errors, and due to the variety available they can suit development teams of all sizes.

Fashion Innovative RIAs with Silverlight Development

Technology aims to make human life easier, quicker, and smoother in every phase of life. Smartphones and tablets have enabled man to be connected with each other all the time and have contributed to great flexibility at work. The internet itself is a vast ocean of information and has played a vital role in accelerating business. Rich internet applications have made the web more colorful and vibrant than its earlier version.

Silverlight is a Microsoft tool for developing effective applications for the web. It is a robust framework for app development and it is a cross-platform cross-browser tool with rich capabilities to build rich apps. Being a popular framework for developing innovative apps, it is widely used in the IT industry. Skilled developers find it easy to work on this platform as it enables them to increase their productivity and complete multiple projects within a limited span of time. It provides the perfect tools for generating rich apps for websites, desktops or smartphones.

Advantages of Silverlight platform are as follows –

Silverlight is a new age tool which enables to cater to the requirements of the industry in today’s market. It provides complete control over the rich media content developed on it, making it easy for developers and designers to smoothly manage every aspect of their application. Till date Silverlight has successfully delivered innovative web development projects and has been a preferred choice within the developer community. It is easy to work on this rich platform and design creative solutions for users.

There are many software companies that provide Silverlight development as a service and skilled developers can work marvelously on this platform and deliver amazing results. The need for Silverlight development is increasing as many organizations exclusively opt for it. It is a technology that keeps updating itself to incorporate new features, which makes the process of development simplified and free from errors.

Softweb Solutions is a global leader in providing Silverlight Development Services. We have a team of expert Silverlight developers who can deliver innovative Silverlight solutions to match the current industry standards. For more information on Silverlight Development, contact us at info@

PSD to Drupal or Shopify Conversion Making The Best Choice?

Whenever one considers buying a product, they often wish to refer to the internet. Instead of going out and scavenging through several markets, now everyone prefers the click of a mouse to know what are the best options available in a city or other parts of the world. From the business point of view, having a website for any kind of business is quite a trend in today’s time as it enables one to reach out to a vast audience easily.

However, a static website may not be sufficient to garner an audience of massive scale. For aiding such ecommerce platforms, website developers make use of PSD to CMS integration.

CMS, short for content management system, is a process that makes publishing, editing, and modifying of content on a website possible. This service is often supplied by experts from the field of website development. Among various services, PSD to design template conversion is an important service offered by developers.

The problem arises while selecting a suitable PSD to template conversion method for a website. Apart from gaining basic knowledge of template conversions, a website owner has to relate individual advantages of these conversion tools to their company’s benefit.

For instance, let’s talk about the advantages of PSD to Drupal template conversion. The maximum benefit of getting a Drupal template conversion is for a website that primarily publishes informative or promotional content.

Experts in web development will offer precision in their conversion along with semantic coding. Professionals will also perform the conversion giving consideration to every detail, leading to a flawless pixel resolution. Additional, proper technical support even after the conversion will be completely worth its price.

For online commercial outlets or shopping portals, PSD to Shopify conversion is a more accepted option. Along with supporting an e-shopping centre, Shopify template has a number of added benefits as well. Some of them include, adding, deleting and editing content without any issues.

Web developers, who specialize in undertaking such conversions for ecommerce companies strive on a number of factors. A few of these are:

It is clear from the above examples, how important it is to know the requirement of your website before selecting a development tool. Yes, it is advantageous to enhance the accessibility of a website; however, it should be done only after knowing what your website needs.

Creating a Professional Looking Web Comic

So you have a great action-packed story in your head, but don’t have quite the budget or the connections to get it off the ground. What do you do? Well using the right tools available online it’s possible for anyone to see their vision become a reality and potentially even make a success of it. Here we will look at how you can go about creating and promoting a web comic idea.

The Writing

The first thing you need to do is to write your story. Start off with a synopsis outlining the plot which you can use to show potential collaborators and partners, then write out a script for the first couple of issues. Make sure that both these are in the correct format and that they’re free from typos. You can find guidelines on how to write comic strips online, and you can get proof reading to eliminate typos too. This is highly advisable to avoid errors.

When writing your script and breaking it down into stories, think about how you can give each ‘episode’ a beginning, middle and end, while at the same time building the drama to a crescendo for your overarching storyline.

The Drawing

The drawing is something you may wish to handle yourself, or you may wish to outsource. If you’re going to sketch yourself then make sure that you make your style consistent and something that will work well for your story. Think hard as well about how you want to organize your page layouts. Remember to take advantage of the medium of comic and think about how the layouts can add to your story and change the flow of the narrative. Likewise when drawing scenes, think about the composition of the image in the same way that you might if you were designing a shot as a director making a movie.

If you are creating a web comic then the best approach is to go digital. This will not only allow you to add effects and to create more clean lines, but it will also enable you to quickly make edits and lift images for use in your promotional material and web design. Look for a tablet with an active digitizer which will allow for pressure-sensitive pen input, then find a software package you are happy with such as Sketchbook Pro.

Getting it Out There

Now to get your idea out there you should look at creating a website through which you can publish your comic. Use a web design company to help you come up with something professional and it will make your web series much more likely to be a hit. Going with a custom-made WordPress theme will make it easy for you to manage your site and to upload new content as and when you create it.

If you start to build interest for your web comic then you can always look at ways to get more awareness for it and a great way to do this is via Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a ‘crowd funding site’ and if you release your early work on here, you may be able to find financial backing from readers who want to see how the rest of your story pans out.

Five Steps to Hire WordPress Developers

Known for providing innovative content management solutions, wordpress is going to lunch its recent version named wordpress 3.5 Beta 2. Although wordpress 3.5 Beta 2 is still under testing schedules and will be released for public on December 5 2012, but it is still increasing a demand for wordpress theme customization among current WP users. Apart from this fresh web application, it has also released a fully responsive theme called wordpress twenty twelve as free for all WP users. Thus, the needs of theme customization services are creating a huge demand to hire wordpress developers. These step deals with the specific selection process of most suitable and economically affordable wordpress developers. Thus, you should precisely follow the steps to get the best results from the hiring process, because your casualness can result in an unusable customized WP theme.

Research Thoroughly: In your quest of hiring wordpress developer, you need to conduct a thorough research session with the help of internet. In this research session, you will get two options as WordPress theme customization service providing companies and offshore wordpress developers. The second option will be the better option to choose, because such developers believe in rendering qualitative services to their selected clients for increasing their client base and gaining further projects. Thus, you will surely get cost-effective customization services from such developers.

Enlist Few WordPress Developers: In the 2nd step of your research session, you will get the chance to explore your path to hire wordpress programmers. So, you need to make a list of all such service providers for evaluating their credential against their service costs. While enlisting wordpress theme customization professionals, you should focus on some professional grounds such as their working experience, recently finished projects, clientele, and their academic qualifications. This list will help you in the way to hire wordpress developers.

Quality Evaluation: The quality evaluation should be your third step and must be followed step. In this step, you need to check the wordpress theme customization quality of your service provider. Such quality evaluation ensures the high quality of your post wordpress theme customization project. Thus, you should strictly check the quality of their previous theme customization projects.

Approach Your Service Provider: In this step of your hiring process, you can finally approach your chosen wordpress developer via several mediums such as emails, phone calls, and skype. While approaching your service provider, you must need to mention all the business expectations from the customized WP theme. It will help your service provider to customize a wordpress theme as per the specific needs of your business industry.

Make A Legal Contract: This is the last but an essential step to follow to hire wordpress developers. You need to have a legal contract with your wordpress developer to ensure a hassle-free working experience. Apart from this, a legal contract binds both parties to render the hassle-free services and make on-time payments. In this way, it ensures the positive completion of your wordpress theme customization project.

Benefits of Software Development for your Business

To develop software application is not an easy task. Today organizations are heading towards, business software applications that can help them to reduce the cost involved in the business process.

Before jumpstarting further let’s understand what software development is and what kind of benefits it proffers to the business.

Business Software is an application that is used by the complex business organization to achieve the desired goal. With the advent of the World Wide Web, it has become essential to select a reliable software development company that is able to cater to your business requirements.

Intially, the services were limited to software application development, web design, internet marketing, web site maintenance, web development, etc. Here are some applications where this software is used.

Let’s ponder over the fact how a Web Design India company can make your business successful.

Optimal Utilization Resources- software development india suggest you to use software development services because it helps to minimize the hardware requirements needed for the daily paraphernalia tasks. Hence, it leads to reduction in licensing fees and increase in overall productivity of the business.

If you opt for customized software, you won’t have to provide additional training to the staff.

No need to pay licensing fees- As stated earlier, if you opt for customized software application, you don’t need to pay licensing fees to the third person. Additionally, it will help to trim down your expenses and track the sales, order, etc from the software.

Technological Advantage- software development India recommends you to use software application services because through it you will be able to gain competitive edge over the rivals. Aside from that, it will help your business to earn euphoric returns.

This kind of software is specifically designed to cater to your business requirements. With it, you can achieve your business goals easily and effectively. Such applications not only streamline the cost of the business, but it also helps to improve overall efficiency of the business.

In the present times, it is necessary to transform the I/T processes to a cyberspace. With the assistance of software development company the benefits of virtualization can be reaped. It will let you to handle all the financial needs, project management requirements and customer relationship process virtually.

Last but not the least; it provides the additional benefit of interactivity. Today, internet is brimmed up with the websites that have same purpose to earn profits. Hence, if you want to stand apart from the crowd, then it is necessary to hire a professional software development company. This company will be responsible to promote the website and it would be responsible for enhanced website traffic.

It will not only quench the requirements of the visitors, but it will help to keep them engaged. It is an investment that will provide high returns- if choosen wisely. In epilogue, customized software will help you to cater to the potential customers in an efficient way.

Source The Best Yii Development Talent For Your Project

Yii is one amongst the best PHP development frameworks that we have today. Based on the Model View Controller design strategy, this one skeletal structure developed for speeding up the entire development process is being widely used by the developers all around the world to yield high end applications given the limited time frames and budget issues. However, one of the issues that have cropped up to disturb and be a cause for concern for businesses looking for quick, easy and feature rich Yii development is the lack of good quality developers to be employed on the job, and who are aptly capable of providing high end, glitch free and fully functional applications.

If you have been facing difficulty finding the right professional for the job you have landed on the right place. Below we are going to discuss various ways in which business owners may hunt the perfect Yii developers for the job and enjoy the perks of owning an amazing web application powered by this very omnipotent development framework. Please read ahead to discover the best places you may explore to find out the best talent in Yii Development.

Ask around your friends and colleagues

In the present day world, everybody who is somebody has a website. Hence, they must at one point or the other have accessed the services of a developer, and so they will be in the position to refer you to a trustworthy and reliable developer or offshore center. Even if they don’t know, it would not hurt to try, would it? Hence while looking for the best development center, do spread the word around your colleagues, friends and family members and ask for any references possible. And if it does not work, well you have 2 more options discussed below.

Try the market places in the virtual world

If you are looking for credible and trustworthy developers for your project, you have to check out various online markets such as etc. It may be difficult to trust offshore development centers and Yii developers otherwise, but these virtual market places are quite secure. You may browse through a number of programmers or the development centers and also you would get to see various features like client reviews and ratings, client retention, previous work samples, and a lot more. A lot of businesses find it very easy and relaxing to opt for Yii Framework Development services this way, as it is much safer and much more relaxed.

Adequately put Google to use

Lastly, please do ensure that you have explored Google or other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc to the best of their potential. Prior to giving up on the project, make sure that you have explored all the options on Google. You may search for Yii Developers or any other long tailed keyword and get yourself a host of service providers dealing in the same services. Once you have gotten hold of that, explore more, learn more about the programmers or the offshore centers and ensure that who so ever you hire have positive reviews and enough exposure to this particular technology, so as to do justice to your project.

Learning From Mistakes of Others in Your Web Development UK

It’s always been an accepted truism that in order to be successful, you have to find models of success that you can emulate using your own experience, resources and even your limitations. But there’s also another way to make sure your web development UK campaign can flourish: study why some websites failed, then you do the opposite.

Google it

Just Google “worst websites of …” You can choose whatever year you deemed fit but you will find hundreds of templates as examples of what not to do. The templates also come with a short or lengthy explanation. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should do so at the exclusion of the successful models but it has been the experience of developers that it’s easier to learn from your past mistakes than try to follow an established business model.

In the same token, you can best served to learn the mistakes of others in your Web Development UK. And this is beneficial for two things: first, you get to save a lot of cost out of the mistakes of others by not having your developers spend weeks on a design element that others have already proven to be off the mark. Second, it’s easier to make a decision when the number of bends and crossroads in one’s paths are already crossed out by trial and error.

What’s the most common mistake?

In several polls, consumers have already weighed in their opinions on what they don’t like in a website. According to the results, the pet peeves of the consumers is when the navigational route is very confusing that they end up spending more minutes trying to figure out how to move from page to page, rather than studying the products for sale.

Another element of a Website development UK that irks customers is when they are prompted to register when they just want to look around first. The feeling is not unlike the overeager, love-struck man proposing marriage on the very first date.

Cartoon Network

There’s also a splash of colours which can even hurt the eyes of colour-blind individuals. Developers should really learn about their colour wheels and try to discover which of the colour schemes clash with each other and which complement each other. The colour overuse is part of the clutter that you should avoid in your Web Development Company in UK. Nobody likes a litterbug either in real life and the virtual sphere.