So you have a great action-packed story in your head, but don’t have quite the budget or the connections to get it off the ground. What do you do? Well using the right tools available online it’s possible for anyone to see their vision become a reality and potentially even make a success of it. Here we will look at how you can go about creating and promoting a web comic idea.

The Writing

The first thing you need to do is to write your story. Start off with a synopsis outlining the plot which you can use to show potential collaborators and partners, then write out a script for the first couple of issues. Make sure that both these are in the correct format and that they’re free from typos. You can find guidelines on how to write comic strips online, and you can get proof reading to eliminate typos too. This is highly advisable to avoid errors.

When writing your script and breaking it down into stories, think about how you can give each ‘episode’ a beginning, middle and end, while at the same time building the drama to a crescendo for your overarching storyline.

The Drawing

The drawing is something you may wish to handle yourself, or you may wish to outsource. If you’re going to sketch yourself then make sure that you make your style consistent and something that will work well for your story. Think hard as well about how you want to organize your page layouts. Remember to take advantage of the medium of comic and think about how the layouts can add to your story and change the flow of the narrative. Likewise when drawing scenes, think about the composition of the image in the same way that you might if you were designing a shot as a director making a movie.

If you are creating a web comic then the best approach is to go digital. This will not only allow you to add effects and to create more clean lines, but it will also enable you to quickly make edits and lift images for use in your promotional material and web design. Look for a tablet with an active digitizer which will allow for pressure-sensitive pen input, then find a software package you are happy with such as Sketchbook Pro.

Getting it Out There

Now to get your idea out there you should look at creating a website through which you can publish your comic. Use a web design company to help you come up with something professional and it will make your web series much more likely to be a hit. Going with a custom-made WordPress theme will make it easy for you to manage your site and to upload new content as and when you create it.

If you start to build interest for your web comic then you can always look at ways to get more awareness for it and a great way to do this is via Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a ‘crowd funding site’ and if you release your early work on here, you may be able to find financial backing from readers who want to see how the rest of your story pans out.

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