Events and gaffs that would have once seemed insignificant or been forgotten after a few days ended up defining the entire election. Moments like Romney’s forty seven percent comment, Obama’s drowsy first debate performance, even clips and bits of dialogue from kids, unrelated parties, and fictional characters became the thrust of what the public knew about the debate. It would be hard to picture Big Bird making a cameo in Kennedy’s election attempt, but lo and behold, times have changed.

When even information as important as the standing of the presidential election is communicated differently than in the past, it’s a clear sign that the times are changing. More than ever, TV news stations and ads are becoming less trustworthy and more biased when it comes to relaying good information. Many people, especially those on the younger side, have given up listening to news anchors and political ads completely. Many times, the only place to get raw, factual information is on the internet, which is where many people turned during this election cycle for news.

Clips and talking points were distributed online with such great speed that a new “meme”, or repeated joke, could be created within the space of a single debate. Obama’s victory was greatly aided by this reliance on the internet, and here is why:

Obama has a younger, hipper staff, as well as having many supporters who are in tune with social media and have the time necessary to dedicate to the sites. By harnessing the powerful techniques of social media and search engine marketing, his supporters were able to practically win this election for him! Imagine what the same tactics could do for you and your company.

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