Gone are the days when you could only find static plain html websites without any type of dymanic CGI web page to be found. Websites back then were meant to just display some information to the user. However, with the rapid growth in technology, we can see how the internet has expanded in a massive proportion and so has the demand for quality CGI Web Hosting . The quality of a website, and the information contained in it is more important that the quantity of it’s pages.

Most online business need to interact with their clients, take suggestions, feedback etc, and respond accordingly. Even social networking sites use complex CGI programming logic which will let the users of a website communicate with each other. Now, it is very obvious that such scripting cannot be done in plain and simple html. Therefore, we need an engine like the CGI or the Common Gateway Interface, which provides a powerful tool for scripting live web applications and creating dynamic sites, and helps in better, dynamic, presentation of data, as well as interaction with site visitors. Repetitive tasks are automated by the use of CGI. Therefore you would always want to choose a host that provides CGI Web Hosting.

Unfortunately, all web hosting service providers do not offer CGI Web Hosting services. This is also costlier resource-wise as compared to normal static html hosting, and also requires extra ?perl” modules to run. However, most professional companies have CGI Web Hosting activated in their plans. This is because a huge amount of modern web applications (web pages that can communicate with other programs, such as data base management programs) make use of CGI Web Hosting. For example, online shopping solutions have become a breeze for a webmaster with the use of CGI. Integrating a shopping carts in a site is basically impossible by using static html alone, as a shopping cart requires the web application to communicate with a database to collect prices etc. CGI Web Hosting service providers also offer SSL security which can be activated on servers supporting cgi. Order forms, item pricing, images, can be maintained and dynamically updated on the fly.

CGI Web Hosting was initially costly as compared to other hosting solutions but has almost become the standard at this time; however, at present- there are other solutions available also. Almost anything, which can be done using Common Gateway Interface language, can be done in PHP or PERL. CGI Web hosting service providers generally have servers that support all three languages, namely, cgi, perl and PHP.

Another benefit of using cgi for your websites is the easy availability of Free CGI scripts on the internet. These scripts are meant for specific tasks, the user only has to upload the script on his server that supports cgi, and the job shall be done. When creating a professional business website, a feedback box or a suggestion box is extremely important, for interacting with the clients. A CGI script that can be used to implement a ?contact us” form easily, just upload it to your web hosting account that’s with a CGI Web Hosting provider!

Thus its clear, that CGI Web Hosting is essential for making professional and highly user friendly websites.

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