Facebook has changed a lot ever since it was launched in the year 2004. Along with its layout and features, has changed its usage and applicability. Gone are the days when It was used only for chatting with friends and relatives, it is now used for multiple purposes. One of the very important and effective usages of Facebook is for marketing. Along with the expanding community, smart people realized that it could be the next big thing for marketing. It is a very convenient and effective platform to reach out to millions of users in no time and hence today, almost every company has its presence.

Using Facebook for marketing has emerged as a very effective and efficient tool. People pursue career courses to learn how to use for marketing and clinch decent jobs in the domain of online marketing. Trough this piece of article I would give you some sound tips to use Facebook efficiently for marketing and branding. Below are some of the key points-

1. Create a Page: To begin with Facebook marketing, first of all create a page and fill it completely, describing your business. Don’t leave any space unfilled. The more information your Facebook page has the more credible and authentic you become on Facebook. This helps latter when you build your network.

2. Build your network: Now that you have seeded your Facebook presence it’s time to let people know about it. Go on to communities and post interesting and engaging content so that people take notice of your page and start joining it. Ask your known ones to join your page and build network. It works as a magic multiplier. If one person joins your page or likes your content the news feed about the same reaches to hundreds of his/her friends.

3. Engage your audience: Now that you have a decent network on Facebook, don’t start selling. In fact, engage your audience with interesting and creative content. The better your content is the faster your network would grow. Post interesting pictures, texts, links, videos etc to engage the audience. Think outside the box and come up with unique and creative ideas to engage the audience. Freshness is well rewarded by the audience.

4. Sell smartly: Now that you have created a gigantic network over its time to market your products and services. However, be very vigilant and clever while doing so. Don’t nag the audience. If you start selling a product everyday chances are very high that your audience will start ‘unliking’ your page and detach itself from your Facebook page or account. So, inform your audience very cleverly about a new launch without being pushy and do so not so often.

5. Pay emphasis on Branding: Use Facebook for Branding more than marketing. Don’t just focus on marketing products and services rather engage your audience in a pleasant manner and emerge as a favorable brand. Always remember that, branding ultimately helps in marketing.

Although the above tips are certainly helpful for doing Facebook marketing as they have been compiled after a rigorous research, I would advise a person who is looking forward to use Marketing for his/her business to pursue a further education training course in Facebook marketing to gain sheer skills.

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