Before Social Media came it was so hard to sell things. A person like me for or any other young fresh fashion designer, for whom it was so difficult to make PR, promote their work or Sell things to the customers & users. Digital Marketing in Pakistan has also been on the rise and Fashion Industry (specifically formal and informal lawn brands) is fast accepting this unique phenomenon. A young Fashion Entrepreneur need to set up a website which cost him more than 50 thousand Pak Rupee or can open a retail outlet which would cost him more than 500,000 Pak Rupee. The choice is simple; selling online is much easier and less risky as compared to opening up a retail outlet.

For all these small players; social media has been a blessing. Social Media like Facebook Twitter and Pinterest are now the most favored platforms for small & medium fashion players to promote and sell their stuff all over the world.

Facebook has particularly made it simple for small businesses to sell. With its 1 billion users, it has been a great place to find new customer and attract attention of consumers. It is also easy to retain customers and built a list for prospect customers. Now with latest Facebook store front apps, the fashion brands and small players are not even making websites and continued on selling their stuff on their Facebook page. These applications would book orders automatically and collect payment via PayPal.

The list of these companies is huge and to name a few; Rocxial, Storefrontsocial, Ecwid and Payvmenthave good services that these small players can use and grow their social sales network. The storefront gives users more easy way to surf products with full description and prices. Also fans can even checkout with the product without even having the need of going to the website. Everything takes place within the Facebook page.

Hence, small fashion designers can now find customers, book orders and get payments without the need of a website and a retail outlet. This is how social media is revolutionizing commerce and the fledgling f-commerce is going to pick up pace and bring rapid change.

As far as countries like Pakistan is concerned , the summer season is ON and all the established brands like Kayseria, Khaadi and Gul Ahmed, or newly launched premium brands like Sana Safinaz or Asim Jofa, or relatively smaller designer names like Ranga Rung, Rang Ja, The Working Woman, Mariam Aziz and Echo all can be found actively on Facebook. As per my calculations, one in every ten recommendations/sponsored stories or ads I see, are related to a clothing brand.

With the help of Social Media even now the Brand like Nishat Fashions or Ideas by Gul Ahmed now sell these things online to their customers outside Pakistan. With the help of Social Media it’s now easy to communicate with your customers & clients.

Keeping these stats and trends in mind, one can evidently conclude that digital and eventually mobile marketing has an immense potential for the Fashion Industry. If the growth trends continue to move in the same direction and at a similar pace, there should certainly be no stopping social media marketing from making brands re-allocate their budgets from traditional to online mediums.

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