Whether you blog for a business or just casually blog, everyone wants more readers. Bloggers have something to say, and they want people to not only listen, but also come back for more posts. If you own a business, you may blog to help promote your products or establish rapport with your customers. If you casually blog, you may want people to know that you have an interesting life.

Regardless, here are some tips for getting readers to your blog and keeping them coming back.

Promote it on social networks

Social networks are full of people who are always looking for new content. The Internet is so saturated with content that it would take multiple lifetimes to watch all the videos and read all the articles. Nevertheless, people still want to read or watch something interesting, something they can share with their friends. You should not only be sharing your blog on Twitter and Facebook, but you should also be encouraging your friends and family to share your blog with the people they know.

Register your blog with blog directories

One very effective, but not well-known, way to gaining new readers is to submit your blog to specific blog directories. Many people assume that Google and Yahoo are the only search engines that matter. However, there are search engines that are specifically designed to help people find new blogs. For example, Technorati is a very popular technology blog directory. Everyone with a tech blog submits their blog to Technorati. There are other blog directories, as well.

Create unique and dynamic content

You may be gaining hundreds of readers from organic traffic, but that means nothing if you can’t keep them coming back. The only way to do that, however, is to create unique and dynamic content. You want your readers to be engaged with what you are sharing. Most people are searching for specific answers to their questions, so find out what people are asking. Create posts that not only answer their questions, but also keep them coming back for new answers.

Additionally, it does not hurt to ask questions or create features that make your readers feel like they are a part of your blog. When people feel included, they are more likely to return.


With a little creativity, you can find hundreds of ways to gain new readers. Just remember to write what you are passionate about and knowledgeable about. Your readers will appreciate your input.

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