You’re rolling out your new website. Maybe you slaved over it for hours, teaching yourself HTML as you went, or maybe you spent a lot of money on a very talented designer who gave you exactly what you wanted. Either way, you’re looking at it on your computer and it looks gorgeous. Why, you’re so proud that when you go out to lunch, you pull out your phone to show it to your friends.

And suddenly it doesn’t look so great anymore. Maybe it’s all squished, or maybe it’s just unreadably small. Either way, you’re disappointed and possibly the laughingstock of your friends.

Luckily, this fate can be avoided. Mobile website development is an important but often-overlooked part of having a killer website. Some simple planning can ensure that your website looks as good on a phone or tablet as it does on your desktop computer or laptop.

Be Aware

Awareness is the first key to good design. You have to know that it’s going to look different on your phone before you can worry about whether it looks good on your phone. The good news is you may already have figured this out if you’re researching mobile website development.

Fix It Up

The second step is deciding what to do about it. If you use a content management platform like WordPress or Weebly, it can be as simple as enabling a mobile theme for your site. WordPress in particular makes this very simple because you can install a mobile theme as easily as you can a regular theme. If you went to a professional designer for your website, you should contact him or her. Making your website work on mobile browsers may be a simple matter of adding a stylesheet or making a few small changes in the code. As the designer if they’re not aware the site doesn’t meet your standards, they can’t change it. Mobile website development is important for professionals too.

Tweak It

If you designed your website yourself, you may not be sure what to do next. If you don’t want to ask your friends to check your website out on their phones, there are various websites that will mimic a mobile browser setting for you, allowing you to see what your website would look like. Then you simply need to do what you did to make it look so good in the first place: tweak the code until your website is a thing of beauty and joy, and then show it off.

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