When it comes to online marketing, there are many top SEO companies out there who are more than capable of getting you the results and the rankings that you would like to achieve. Keywords in the #1 position, high number of visitors, and a bounce rate that isn’t too bad, these are all desirable results for a search engine optimisation campaign.

However, just because your search engine optimisation campaign is successful doesn’t automatically mean that your business will be successful as well. This is not a fact that an SEO company in Australia likes to promote, but the fact is still there. A search engine optimisation campaign can be seen as a two way street. We can bring you the results, but your products, your services, or even the look and feel of your website has to be able to keep them there.

This is often not an easy conversation for even the best of SEO companies to have with a client. After all, no one wants to hear that their site is “bad”, especially if a fair amount of money has gone into the creation of it. That said, most sites are able to be modified, so that they can benefit from the search engine optimisation campaign.

Consider what a visitor to your site might want. Most visitors want to know about your product or service, and if it is the one they are after. Make it easy for them to find out this information, and find it easily. You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression, and you have half this time on a website. Navigation should be really simple, so that a visitor can immediately see where they should be looking. If this is not the case, chances are they will click ‘Back’ and try another website.

It should also be easy for potential customers to be able to contact you. Having your contact information on each page is an excellent idea, as this means they are able to get in touch with you from any page in the site, instead of having to visit the ‘Contact Us’ page. That said, the ‘Contact Us’ page should be where every single possible way to contact your business should be kept.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg, but by having easily accessible information and contact details, you are on the way to getting the most out of your search engine optimisation campaign.

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