Are you making money with affiliate products? If you aren’t, chances are you are sending prospects directly to the affiliate merchant’s sales page. That is one of the most common reasons why people fail to make affiliate money.

A much better strategy is to devote ALL of your prospecting efforts into building a list. What makes this a better strategy? Look at the following example to see why this is a recipe for failure. Let’s say that you write 30 articles this month and include an affiliate link in each the resource box that directs people to the affiliate sales page.

For the life of the article, your links will direct readers to the merchant’s sales page. If your reader likes the product, but doesn’t buy right now for whatever reason, you have lost that sale forever. Later tonight, when he searches for the product, he will remember the name of the product, but he probably won’t recall your affiliate link or your article. So he will do a search for the product and most likely use the first link that he sees in his search results. Someone else made a nice affiliate commission on the work that you put into that article.

If you had a list, you could promote affiliate products in regular emails to subscribers. In the case above when your prospect can’t buy it right now. He would most likely remember that YOU sent him a link to the product and later, when he’s ready to buy the product, he will most likely re-open the email you sent him and click on the link you provided.

As you can see, it is a significant advantage to have your own list. Using a list, you can control how many times to show a particular product. In addition, if a hot new product becomes available, you can send out an immediate email to alert your subscribers. This is something you can’t do without a list. So triple your affiliate income and get started on that list!

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