If you’re looking to customize your MySpace pages and you have absolutely no idea how to code them using HTML, you can still go about it by making use of the pre-made layouts and backgrounds which are available freely on the internet. You can then use the provided HTML codes for MySpace to change and customize your profile pages.

There is no hard and fast rule saying that you must change your MySpace pages, but you know that the better you make your profile pages look, the more people who will look over it, and the more your friends and family will also be attracted to it, (if that’s what you want of course!).

And since not every one of the forty million plus members currently to be found on the MySpace pages will be able to code using HTML, the use of these readymade layouts and such can be somewhat heaven sent, to many people.

Added to that, you will find that it’s also quite simple to add these free HTML codes for MySpace, and that you can change the look of your pages quite frequently if you want to, as well. All you need to do is to follow the provided instructions on how to go about using the provided free HTML codes for MySpace, and you will be able to easily and simply place the code into the correct place.

This is normally accomplished by going through the Edit Profile section, where funnily enough, you will find that you have at your disposal everything that you need to edit, change and update your profile.

You will then be able to customize your MySpace pages using not only the HTML codes for MySpace backgrounds, and layouts, but also HTML codes for MySpace page graphics, icons and even pictures.

And if you search a little bit more you will even come across HTML codes for MySpace games, as well as HTML codes for MySpace music and music video uploads. Although the later can be accomplished quite easily if you use the music and the music videos provided on the MySpace Music pages, the HTML codes for MySpace games needs to be taken from these websites.

And after that, it’s all a hop, skip and a jump to customize your MySpace pages to reflect your personal tastes and characteristics. All of these can of course, for the most part be accomplished without having to use any of the pre-made layouts etc. and their HTML codes for MySpace, but in the long run, it can be very much easier on you to

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