Are you sure that your website is being located in the major search engines and directories by surfers. By just submitting your website to the search engines for your web promotion does not guarantee your webpage to rank better or higher than others, this has been a big misconception about the SEO process about attracting greater website traffic to your website. Now don’t get me wrong, it does no harm by submitting your website to the major search engines, but it does no good as well. If you want to move up in the search engine rankings, then look no further than link building. One of the most important parts of the SEO process is the linking strategies to consider about your promotion. Internal linking which means that within your page text you can refer other relevant information to other important pages of your website, what do I mean by this, you can make use of your keywords to the landing page for your hyperlink text and even use the keywords in the navigation bar. External Linking is where you can build external links by various methods. You can start by creating your own blog or write articles to submit to article directories so that other websites interested will link to you. You can ask other Webmasters to place your link on their websites for placing their link on your site. This is also known as reciprocal linking.

Quality back-links are the life blood of your website promotion. But actually getting these links to point to you is an extremely frustrating place to be, but bidding directories have a process which allow you to obtain relevant links, while making the decision to invest in your site first priority. Choosing to advertise with an online bidding directory should be a completely trusted source for directory traffic. These directories are constantly promoting their directory for maximum exposure for their clients. Using the services of a bidding directory complies with all guidelines of the search engines. Remember increasing the number of back-links to your Web site can get your site listed higher in search engine results, thus bringing more visitors to your site, and improving your site’s overall strength.

As the owner of a website, finding new ways to advertise your website is sometimes a mind blowing task. Link bidding is a terrific approach to getting the word out on your website. A bid directory offers webmasters the opportunity to bid on a sponsored spot. After you submit specific details about your website, your bid will also determine how much PR your website will receive along with back links from other listed websites.

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