I’m sure you’ve heard the old chestnut ‘the cash is in the list? and this really is true nevertheless have you heard the old saying ?how to begin list building- , When you have it was probably followed by someone trying to sell you something. List building for those who do not know is building an email list of names and email addresses so that you could sell to them individuals. However how can you start to build a list?

It’s not as easy as it sounds the times when you were able to just put up a form on your web page and expect people to sign up are long gone. These days you must offer something of quality so you can get people to sign up. The secret that nearly everybody use is to put a price tag to the gift they’ll get for free of charge. So you will often see something like ‘sign up now and get this report value $47 for FREE? I realize it is easy to put something like that on your web site but the clever marketers are making sure the free product they provide is excellent quality.

If you’d like people to join your list you need to offer them top quality products at all times. You then really need to keep an effective rapport going. Some lazy marketers give good content for the first couple of weeks and then just forward their list offer after offer that they need to pay for. The smart guys are the ones that develop their list week in week out and only ever offer top quality products that they can truthfully vouch for.


To build a list you need a site and this can be 3 pages or just a one page blog, but despite which you select you need to put on it top quality content. If you should go for a 3 page site I’d recommend one of the pages to be a blog. On every page you want to have a opt in form with a quality free product on offer when they sign up.


For people to sign up on your site you need site visitors, this is often referred to as traffic. To acquire traffic among the simplest ways is by writing articles and posting them on article sites like ezine articles. When you create your article you require to make sure that you leave your link to your internet site within your bio box.

Auto Responder

Once you start getting subscribers you will need to have a auto responder. An auto responder is a program that collects all your email addresses and means that you can pre-program emails and newsletters to be sent out on a weekly basis or more frequently. An Auto responder also means that you’ll not get labelled being a spammer.

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