You can make money by selling advertising on your blog. It’s far easier than it sounds. I know the word “sell” scares a lot of people, including me, but blog advertisers will often approach you if you have an established blog. I have never approached an advertiser directly, yet have advertisers approach me monthly using the techniques outlined below.

Prices are all over the place. I have some advertisers who pay me five dollars a month for a simple text ad on a single post, to advertisers paying me $25 and up each month for a text ad in the sidebar. Typically graphical and other larger ads command higher prices as well.

How do you attract advertisers? There are two primary techniques I use:

1) You can add an “advertise with us” link prominently displayed. This technique earned me $600 the first week I tried it!

Unfortunately much advertising has gone underground as Google frowns upon advertising with live links in them, and much of what advertisers want is often the link to their site. Still, this technique works quite well.

2) You can simply display some ads to make it clear you accept advertising. But how do you get your first advertisers? Just approach some companies who have complementary services to your blog’s topic and offer them free advertising. It’s simple to get free advertisers; I tapped some consulting clients who were quite happy to have a free ad on my blog.

Another option is to use advertising networks to do the selling for you such as , and . They will take a cut of the overall advertising revenue.

I turn down a lot of ads, and I recommend you do also. I turn down all ads to spammy Web sites and ones that are unprofessional. Also be prepared for some negotiation over ad prices. Sometimes advertisers will offer you an absurdly low price for ads and then quickly raise their prices. Some advertisers however will not be willing to pay a reasonable price and although I’ll negotiate, especially for multiple ads, I often turn down potential advertisers on price alone. On average, I work out a deal with about half the advertisers who approach me.

Advertising is a great way to make money from your blog. Many advertisers are happy to pay on a monthly or quarterly basis as well, resulting in a steady residual income.

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