Some people say word-of-mouth sounds like selling. I don’t know how to sell and I don’t like to sell. Most successful marketers don’t use sell tactics, they share information. It’s just that simple. All you do is ask them if you could tell them something you think they should know.

Network marketing grows on word-of ?mouth marketing. I?m sure you knew this but you just didn’t realize it. It’s like this. You knew about the store with the big sale on so you told your friends about it and they went there to check it out. Wouldn’t it be nice if that store sent you a check for everyone you sent to them if they told someone else you got a check for that person to?

It’s not about sales it’s about exposure. In network marketing, a home-based business that’s your job. You telling people about the products or services that you already know, use and like. This is the key point.

As a business owner you are encouraged to find others like yourself who want to own their business and get paid for their efforts.

This is what network marketing is about. – Dependent people need others to get what they want. Independent people can get what they want their own efforts. Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.? In network marketing you cannot make a penny until you help someone make a dime.

With this in mind the successful network marketer should simply stay focused on the other person. Listen instead of speaking. Listen to what’s important to the other person. Hearing their concerns, commitments and dreams. What’s missing in their lives? It’s about seeing your life exacting the way you want it. A life without regrets. It’s about seeing only possibilities for life instead of roadblocks.

Success in network marketing depends on understanding what the business is really about. It’s about sharing and not selling. It’s about helping others achieve their desires.

If you are seriously looking for a change in your life, you should be open to consider all business models, including network marketing. The wrong perception and misunderstanding of network marketing is literally holding millions of people back from realizing the true potential and legitimacy of the industry.

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