Nowadays it is very easy for the internet lovers to make ample of email accounts as they are free of cost. Although companies can promote with the help of free email account as there are number of free service providers, but these free accounts are sufficient for personal use as they have limited features to lever main tasks like moving or transferring bulky files for business. If you want that full-featured account then you have to purchase for the paid email service provider so as to meet your business needs.

If you are using a paid email service provider then, you will get number of unique features that you will not get in free trial. Like, recovery of data is not allowed in the free server however, with the paid you can recover as well as transfer the data to the new provider in case if you are changing it. With paid version you can send and receive the messages anytime.

One of the major drawbacks of using a free email provider is that it will not provide the customer service. With paid one you can get this advantage and you will find more reliability and speed as well. So never go for the server whose price is less as it will not provide the features that you desired. Hence you should do a thorough research online and you will get best options. You always think that you are getting a free trial for specific days and you will get all features, however it’s not like that it is only for advertisement purpose and for publicity. Even few free providers generate revenue by giving you the free services like they ask for your basic information and like this they get data of plethora of people who avail the free demo thus they sell this data base to the third party.

One more disadvantage of free service is that they can be ended abruptly hence you can lose all your important data, and it can put into you big loss while taking the free service, it may also happen that may be somebody turned into your customers and just because of sudden stoppage of service they will not be able to contact you.

While taking the paid service you can send the file of any size in one attempt only but with the free service it will take lot of attempts to send the file of heavy size. There is lot of competition nowadays so you no need to worry about that it will require heavy investment as you will get the best price once you thoroughly search the market you will get ample of offers. They also provide the payment facility on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. With yearly subscription you can get significant discount and it is affordable as well.

So never take the risk of getting the free service as there can be loss of data and you have to face lot of other problems as well. So browse the internet and the search the best email service.

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