PROFITmatic is a fairly new MLM downline builder that was started by Kevin DeBellefeuille and Scott Wacker.

PROFITmatic is known for having a suite of online marketing tools that allow you to create your own lucrative revenue sharing program through the use of a free domain name website, banners, pop-up ads, forms, autoresponders, buttons, and menus.

I was first attracted to this program because it gave me a 99-cent/day trial for a week. It advertised that I needed no programming experience and that I did not have to download any new software to use their marketing tools. There are six levels in the downline that you ideally want to succeed your way through. You earn commissions when new members purchase PROFITmatic’s programs and an additional commission for every sale made by other members in your personal downline.

On the first level you earn $7.50-$15.00 a month based on your personal sales. On the second level you earn $4.00 as long as your referral code is entered when the new person signs up. On the third level you earn 50% of the bonuses earned by your personal referrals. The forth level is where the Roll-up Bonuses are gained. If you can make it this far you are qualified to receive $15.00/sale and you also get the people under you to pay you their $7.50/sale. The forth level is hard to reach but very much desired. The fifth and sixth levels aren’t even important. They just categorize you in a Leadership Pool and give you points determined by the number of sales you have made and which one of those people are still actively doing their own selling. PROFITmatic makes the process sound like it could happen overnight. For me, this was defiantly NOT the case!

Soon, I found out I was not the only one to take advantage of the week long trial. Most people quit at the end of the week once they realized it would be a $60 initial fee and then an additional $40/month. I had a lot of traffic flow for the first 7 days but less than 30% of my referrals stayed active. After things remained slow for me for nearly two months I gave up my investment time with PROFITmatic. It was not making me enough money to keep my interest.

I think PROFITmatic does work for the people who have enough patience to pursue the process for a long amount of time. I don’t doubt that those on the top of the MLM pyramid scheme are wealthy, but starting out on the bottom can be a tough and long process, especially with PROFITmatic’s high turnover rate.

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