It may happen that you have very confidential data but the size of the data is too huge which cannot be stored on a local server as the cost of storage would occupy a lot of space and at the end of the day the cost of storing the data would be too costly. In such a case the most reliable solution is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a methodology of saving your data on a remote server where on secured login one can access the data.

The best thing about cloud hosting is that since saving on a local server is costly, cloud server allows the user according to the space he requires at a particular point of time. It may also happen that an organization has done 10 years planning and therefore spent lot of money to purchase huge hardware but the point of fact is that this organization has actually dumped their hard earned money which in turn can have been spent in much more efficient manner. What else could have been done instead was to go for a cloud hosting solution where pay per usage model would allow the organization to pay according the size of data which they would like to put on the server.

This model is gaining success in health care. The hospital information system is now installed on a cloud instead of having an in house data centre. The first benefit of not having an in house data centre is that it permits the organization to use the big data centre room for other activities. Suppose if it is a hospital, a vacant big room can mean an ICU or having extra bed in the hospital.

Maintaining an in house data centre demands an in house IT team which means salaries have to be given to them but if the same system is there on the cloud environment then in such a case the organization need not necessarily have an internal IT team. The other reason why an organization would go for an internal IT team is to avoid any disaster but if an individual is there on a reliable server hosting then there is no need to worry as these server companies have agreements which claim to pay the users for downtime as a part of service level agreement.

Just because of cloud hosting next big thing is going to happen in e-health. This big thing is termed is Health Information Exchange. This HIE would actually give electronic health records its real existence. In this model various EMR’s present on the cloud servers will communicate with each other so as to have a longitudinal health record of the patient. So this means that when a patient while visiting the doctor does not have to carry his or her documents. The competition to follow meaningful treatment protocols would increase and the price of the treatment would come down. This would greatly help in curbing the ever increasing cost of healthcare around the world.

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