The new generation of the World Wide Web, Web 2.0 is booming. It has created services easy for people to access to. Most of the Web 2.0 features are used by blog visitors, but it would not be long till every single Internet user uses it.

These Web 2.0 services have their own respective logos or icons to differentiate their services from one another. Look out for some of these symbols because you’re practically going to see them in almost every website you go to in the near future. In this article, I’m featuring three popular symbols of Web 2.0.

1.RSS Feed Icon

Now why do you need an RSS feed for?

An RSS feed is for you to track your favourite websites and find out if those websites have been updated or not. It’s pretty handy if you have multiple websites you like to view every once in a while and when you find it is too tasking to go through every single one.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, simply look out for a square logo that is orange and white color. When you click on it, It will take you to the ‘feed’ page of the website. Once you’re there, simply click on the ‘Subscribe to this feed’ link. Your Internet browser will then ask where you’d like to place this feed. After that, click ‘Subscribe’ and there you have it!

2.Digg It Icon

Digg is a popular social bookmarking site. Social bookmarking works by ‘bookmarking’ a website, blog post or an article to show that you like it and you want to share it with other people. Digg works by having someone liking an article and asking them to approve of it by clicking on the ‘Digg It’ icon.

You will need a Digg account in order for you to ‘Digg’ someone else’s article and for you to showcase your article to be ‘Digged’ by other people.

A Digg icon includes a light orange square containing the number of times the article has been ‘Digged’ and a rectangular ‘digg it’ icon below it, to indicate where to click to ‘digg’ the article.

3.A Wiki Icon

A Wiki is a social service that allows visitors to edit the information available on the website. One such example of a website that offers this is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia where information is built from the minds of thousands of people on this planet. Although information available in this website is not a hundred percent credible, it is amazing how many people have contributed to the success of Wikipedia.

A Wiki icon in Wikipedia is available before every article, conveniently named ‘edit this page’.

Other websites are skeptical to include Wikis for fear of plagarism, but it won’t be long before more sites find the potential of wikis and start to use it more intensively.

These three symbols are well-known for their services of helping Internet users get used to the new generation of the World Wide Web. And knowing the speed and wrath of Internet technology, I wouldn’t be suprised if every single Internet user in the world know about these services and use them by the end of the year.

Copyright (c) 2007 Jo Han Mok

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