Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that lets users update their status and follow other users. It now has almost 100 million active users who generate approximately 200 million tweets and 1.6 billion search queries every day. Compared to last year, the number of active users on Twitter has increased by 900% which shows that it is growing on an enormous speed.

There are number of people sending millions of tweets. Twitter is an amazing platform for businesses to keep their followers updated about the new products or services of the company. Promoted tweets are normal tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement amongst their existing followers. This is an effective way to use Twitter for brand awareness and marketing.

At first, these tweets are displayed as normal tweets to the people following the account. Then, it can be promoted by advertisers to spark additional conversation. They also pay for them to show at the top of the relevant search result pages and other places. Promoted tweets are just like all other regular tweets generated on Twitter, they can be re-tweeted, replied to, forwarded, and more. Promoted tweets are the twitter’s way of allowing its advertisers to market to its audience in an interactive manner.

Some proven tips to use promoted tweets wisely to boost brand visibility of the business amongst Twitter users are discussed here:-

1] Promote the Great Content The content of the tweet should be interesting, informational and engaging to attract the readers. Promoted tweets should be considered as only the beginning of a long engaging conversation. By updating your followers by regularly tweeting some great and shareable content via promoted tweets helps a lot for promoting the business.

2] Keep a Check It is important to regularly watch tweets at the time of promoted tweet campaigns so as to make sure with the impact of using real time twitter campaign tools. Advertisers should not just set the promoted tweet and forget about it. They should check out what’s working and what’s not to generate more clicks and traffic for the website.

3] Acquire a New Hashtag Promoted tweets are a great way to introduce a new Hashtag that can be used for new event, new product or new brand campaign. The new Hashtag should be shared along with the interesting and creative content as a bonus.

4] Proper Study Up Before starting with Promoted tweets it is important to understand the basics of Twitter. It is always advisable to learn twitter etiquettes and understand correctly that what type of content impresses your followers before paying for promoted tweets.

The whole idea of successful promoted tweets campaign is not to write advertisements or not try to advertise your company or its services/products. The success of your social media marketing totally depends on your audience, your strategies and your social media approach.

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