You are able to make your MySpace backgrounds look a lot better with distinctive collections of a variety of backgrounds that can be downloaded from . The website offers you an assortment of categories in the MySpace backgrounds section, such as animated backgrounds, sports backgrounds and pink MySpace backgrounds to choose from. There is an extensive inventory comprising of over 20,000 backgrounds. You can make your Myspace background a lot more distinctive than other MySpace users? page by choosing a background that is unique and reflects your personality.

A very attractive and popular category of backgrounds is the Glitter Skull Myspace Background that is available at Doobix. It provides you with different background pictures of skulls with glitters, which is sure to add shimmer and sparkle to your Myspace profile. All you need to do is to copy the background code of your choice from the page at Doobix and get it posted on your profile.

The huge array of Myspace backgrounds available at Doobix also offers you the background color of your choice; this may be pink, red, blue, green, or any other color. Those of you who want to set a cute-looking background, can choose from any of the Girly backgrounds, Candy backgrounds, Butterfly backgrounds, Flower backgrounds, Love backgrounds or any others that suit your fancy.

At Doobix, there are also some Myspace backgrounds that are completely unique. For instance, there are the Nature backgrounds for all you nature lovers out there and Music backgrounds with pictures of unique musical equipments and symbols. The website also offers a variety of backgrounds related to various festivals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and even birthday-themed backgrounds. One of the best places to download all these stuffs and get much more Myspace backgrounds is Doobix and you can get all of them for free! Users get the option of downloading a wide range of backgrounds for their web pages and school projects as well.

Another interesting category of backgrounds available at Doobix is the Friendster backgrounds. It provides you the opportunity of getting free backgrounds for your Friendster profile. Just choose and click on the links provided and you can get a cool fresh look to your Friendster profile and make your friends jealous of it! There are innumerable kinds of backgrounds that include themes like Valentine’s Day, beaches, roses, clouds, etc.

Some of the MySpace Backgrounds offered at Doobix are very unique in nature and come in a variety of designs and colors, such as Beige backgrounds, which include more than 15 backgrounds of different patterns and shades of beige. Other Doobix specialties include Love backgrounds, from which you can get romantic graphics, to post in your profile. You can also get animated backgrounds, Nature backgrounds, Sky backgrounds, and even write backgrounds, which look really cool! By customizing your profile with all that jazz, you are sure to make your Myspace profile a reason of envy for all peers. You will be able to create your own distinguished identity on the net.

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