It’s still true; the money is in the list. Building a list is as important today, as it was yesterday.

No matter how big or how small your list is the names on your list are your prospects. They need to be taken care of and be fed with quality information and products.

Quality emails means great informational email articles, reports, ebooks or a mini-course, and your promotional emails.

The free info should be related to your product topic, which you want to promote, even if it is only indirectly. And your promo should be related to the product you stand for as well.

Mail out to your list about three times a week, with free informational emails three times in a row and after that you send them a promotion, exactly in that order.

Believe me, they will love you for it. Never overload your mailing list with info emails and promos too many times a week. Stay with the advice I give you, which has been very effective for me.

If your prospects get too many mailings a week, they get tired of opening your mail, especially if you send them more promotional then informational mail.

But if you give them a quality mailing three times a week, they are going to look forward to it.

And remember, the emphasis is on ?quality?. Many beginning marketers only have 40 to 50 people in their mailing list. But that doesn’t mean that these people in your list don’t need attention.

You want to start treating your mailing list very special from the first person that gets on it. Make each one of them very special to you. And you need to become very special to them. That’s a very good rule to go by.

You are going to building yourself an excellent reputation from the moment you start your list. Even if it is just an incredibly small list you still need to take care of them.

The first person that subscribes to your list is worth gold. And your list will grow, if you start building your mailing list the right way. Which means, you have to put up your own mini site with an enticing squeeze page.

Setting up a mini site is very easy. There are some free videos that show you step-by-step how to do it. Get them and follow the instructions.

A squeeze page is where you have an opt-in offer. Like an ebook, software, quality report or even a newsletter they can subscribe to. It just needs to be quality information for free, that makes it worth for your list members to sign up for.

This will make your mailing list grow in no time as long as you promote your mini site well.

And I can’t say it often enough. Write articles! It’s the most effective way to promote for free.

Even a mailing list of let say 40 people can be a ?huge? gold mine. If you build up a terrific relationship with your prospects, this list can make you more sales then a list of 500. And it will grow continually anyway. It’s all about how your relationship will start and develop.

The best way to keep in touch with your mailing list is to put yourself on a schedule as described before. By doing so, your prospects will remember you and it will build trust between you and your prospects.

Never forget, every person on your list counts towards your online success. So, go to work and schedule your list, no matter how small or big it is.

This is exactly how I started my own mailing list. And it has worked perfectly for me. I love my list. They are all wonderful people. They know who I am and I know who they are. Not on a personal basis, but through trust and loyalty, that has been built up between us.

You can do the same. Honor your list. Always think about the fact, that there are real people behind each name. People you can give real good quality products and information to and who in return will bring you online success.

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