Whether you’re a senior sales executive or a recent college graduate entering the field of sales, there’s always room to add tools to your tool box and skills to close your next deal. Some sales cycles can last for several years and other can be closed during one sales call. Regardless of your industry or product line, there are fundamental winning sale techniques that are relevant across industry sectors. Follow these recommendations from the seasoned sales executives to ramp up your game and win your next client. There’s no better time than the present to get started.

The most important piece to any sales presentation and ability to close a deal is knowing your product and service lines. Take advantage of every opportunity offered by your company to learn about new product introductions and the added benefits and values of your products. Team up with a mentor in your company that has deep product knowledge and learn how they present the features and benefits to prospective clients. Product knowledge is the foundation of every good sales presentation.

Put your best foot forward. While the most important things to wear to any sales presentation are a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Select professional attire that will be a positive representation not only of the company you’re representing and presenting to, but a reflects a personal self-respect as well. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and enjoy the huge selection of timeless styles and value offered by Barneys New York. Dressing the part will also add to your self-confidence.

When meeting with clients, negotiating deals and presenting options, commit to working with the highest ethical standards. Any sales representative that has true staying power is honest with their clients and employer. Treat your clients with respect and be honest about the solutions you can provide to increase their business prospects, profitability or productivity. When issues arise in the delivery of your product or services, own them and communicate quickly and accurately on your progress  to make corrections and address mistakes.

Best of luck to you in increasing your sales volume and building a book of business in your industry. Your reputation, product knowledge and respect for your customers will carry you far.